Bulk or individually edit user details from the dashboard list.

If you are a mobile user, you can always update your details and roles directly from the app yourself. Check out more info here.

Using Search, Filters or Column Sort to Find People

The search bar can be used to quickly find a clinician with access to your site. You can also use thee different filter options, or click on the column headings to sort in that order.

🔥 You can use the checkboxes next to each user across multiple searches to select a group of people (check the video out)

Bulk Edit Details Using Checkboxes

By using the checkboxes you can select multiple users and either revoke their access (find them again using the revoked users filter), or edit their details.

You can only bulk edit a user's role or location access. For updating of personal details, this can be done by the user themselves on the mobile app.

  • Select them using checkboxes.

  • Click edit users button in bottom right

  • Edit their roles or locations

  • Click the edit button in the bottom right

See & update details for individuals

By clicking on a persons name you can go into the profile view to see their access, roles, mailouts they have been sent and events they have attended or been invited to. You can also run a .csv report from this page for the events.

You can also send a Mailout from this page directly.

You also get useful engagement information about the location they are logged into and the last time they logged in.

Send a custom message when you update someone's access

If you change a person's access then you can send a custom push notification to them to let them know what has changed, or if they need to contact anyone if something is not right

NOTE: Contact the Med App Hospital Success team using the in-dashboard live chat feature if you have any queries about the user list or any additional tips and tricks.

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