Orientation Phase 3 O-Week

Support incoming cohort by communicating important information, set up education events and measure satisfaction through surveys

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About: Most of the hard work is done. Setup your surveys, maintain communications to provide support, reminding clinicians when and where they should be, tracking their progress and measuring their satisfaction through survey tools.

Steps: 3

When: O Week

Take a tour: Review the features used in this guide and where they live in Med App

Step 1 - Communication

Imagine it's your first day at a hospital, anxiety and uncertainty is likely at an all time high. What would ease your concerns to improve your experience?

  • Communicate to clinicians using mobile notifications (Announcement feature)

  • Welcome clinicians to their first day

  • Link any key resources that may be useful like a schedule for the day/week

Help on sending announcements

Example of 1st week of communication

Focus on short communication like a tweet (256 characters), slowly drip feed useful information and link to resources where possible.

Announcement Heading

Message body (Copy and paste)

Welcome to (hospital name)

  • Send Day 1

We are excited to have you join us on your first day! Click the link below to this weeks orientation schedule. It's going to be busy. Remember to reach out to (Person) if you have any issues.

Medical Education Team

Orientation survey

  • Requires setting up a survey first

  • Attach your survey as a link

We hope you have enjoyed your first week at (Hospital name). Please fill out the attached survey to make orientation better for the next cohorts and tell us what else you need.

End of week 1

Well done on surviving your first week! Drinks/zoom catch up will be held at (location).

Tell us what you need (Feedback)

  • Requires setting up a survey

  • Attach your survey as a link

Help make Med App a useful tool by clicking the link and telling us what is missing or needs updating.

(Resource name)

  • Example Handbook, roster, rover, escalation strategy

  • Attach a link to the specific resource you are referring to

Don't forget to review (resource name)

Step 2 - O-Week activities and education sessions

Streamline all of your education and reporting through a centralised location. Use Events to easily schedule your online sessions, track attendance and reporting.

  • Automated mobile reminders to clinicians for upcoming events

  • Scanning QR codes to quickly mark attendance - no more manual transcriptions

  • Link your post education session surveys for topic and presenter feedback

Step 3 - Send or schedule surveys

In phase 1 we setup surveys, now it's time to distribute them to clinicians.

You can integrate this tool to link with education & training (events) with automated reminders or simply send via a mobile push notification.

We recommend you setup & send the following surveys:

  • Education - Post education session feedback on topics and presenters

  • Orientation - Understand and track how satisfied clinicians are with your orientation

  • Feedback - Find out what content is missing, enabling clinicians to do their job better and reduce their mistakes

How to use surveys


Well done for getting through your orientation! For some this will be your first, we appreciate all your hard work and effort to making this the best experience for incoming clinicians!

A reminder of why this matters

If you found this orientation resource useful or think it could be improved, let us know.

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