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Release April 2022: Cohorts for Announcements, Updates & Bug fixes
Release April 2022: Cohorts for Announcements, Updates & Bug fixes
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The team has once again pushed out some great updates to the dashboard to help streamline hospital workflows and better engage with clinicians. Check out the updates!

Also check out some of the new/updated help articles:

Announcements - redesign and send to cohorts

Send announcements to cohorts - improve confidence sending an announcement by previewing, viewing users who will receive announcements and confirming all details and notification preferences prior to sending

Action items - Expired users do not display

This is to clean up our action items list so you see the most relevant user requests and actions. Go to the users page to filter for revoked or expired users.

Time Zone - Account time zone is locked in

Time zones are locked for the base account time zone. So no need to create an event for 2pm in Chicago (if you're in Brisbane!).

Events - Schedule survey announcement before the event ends

If you want to have a survey go out just before the end of an event, now you can schedule the automated notification to got out before then end of the event. E.g. 'send 10min before event finishes'

IE Deprecation - Chart JS upgrade for Survey Results

As Microsoft is ending their support for Internet Explorer we are removing support for it in Med App. This will make a bunch of other features better (as don't need to optimise for an old browser). So check out the new Surveys results views.

Broadcast - Integration into normal Announcement and Article workflow

For sites using our broadcast function we have now better integrated it into our announcements and articles workflow to make it more intuitive and user friendly.

Broadcast - Send a survey via broadcast

For sites using our broadcast feature we have now integrated it into our Surveys tool. This will allow you to distribute forms and surveys out to all your broadcast sites.

Bug Fixes and Updates

We have also been able to clear a backlog of general bug fixes and updates to keep the app and dashboard performing like the well oiled machine it is!

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