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How to Use Essential Events Pages to Run a Livestream
How to Use Essential Events Pages to Run a Livestream

Learn more about hosting your next event on our new Essential Events pages.

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How do I get access to the Essential Events Pages?

If you’re interested in adding our Essential Events platform to your Bonterra account, schedule a call with a member of our team here.

How do I create a new event with livestreaming capabilities?

After you’ve upgraded your account to include our Essential Events platform, begin by navigating to your Fundraising Pages dashboard. While you're getting started, you can also check out our Livestreaming Events Checklist here.

First click Add Campaign, and then choose Event Campaign from the dropdown menu.

You’ll then be directed to our Events Builder tool, where you can fill in the basic details for your event. (Be sure to complete any fields that have a red asterisk (*) next to them, as those are required!).

If you want to use the Livestream feature for your event, be sure to click the "Is this a Livestream event?" toggle in the Event Builder tool.

If you have already built your event and did not select the Livestream toggle, but you want to Livestream the event, you can edit the Event Settings, from your event dashboard, like so:

What do I need to do to prepare in advance for my event that's utilizing Livestream?

Have a look at the Livestream Event Checklist (below) for a list of items to do in preparation for your upcoming Livestream event!

Can I setup my event using free or "registration-only" tickets instead of paid tickets?

Yes! When creating the ticket types in the Events Builder, you’ll have the option to list a free ticket with $0 value. Simply select the Free option as seen below and the price will automatically be setup as "$0 - Free."

Please note that free tickets will omit any tax-related language, in order to avoid any confusion for your attendees.

How do I start my livestream within my event?

First, login to your Fundraising Pages account. Once there, navigate to the “Campaigns” tab and click on the corresponding campaign of the event you want to start.

Once in the Campaign Overview, select the Livestream Dashboard tab, and select the Live button from the “Livestream Status” options. Your event page will automatically save and update to the “Live” status – there’s no need for you or your attendees to refresh the page!

Can I toggle between “Pre-Event” and “Live" page statuses?

Yes! You can toggle between all three livestream statuses as needed. You can toggle between the status types as many times as you'd like!

When you switch your page to a different status, you will see a confirmation message pop-up in the top right corner. Click 'Confirm' to change the status.

Tickets are only available for purchase/registration in the “Pre-Event” status, so if you flip through the statuses as a test, be sure to set it back to “Pre-Event.” Then, potential attendees can continue to purchase tickets through your Essential Events Page.

We strongly discourage changing the status if you are in the process of actively livestreaming, as it will disrupt your video and may cause issues for your event participants.

What if we'd like for tickets to be available after the livestream has ended?

By default, a ticket will remain available on your Essential Events page until the time that your event is scheduled to end. You also have the ability to set a ticket "end time" when creating tickets as well, if you'd prefer a ticket be available to purchase for a more limited time.

If you are running a livestream through your Essential Events page, and you would like your tickets to remain available after the livestream has ended, you will need to switch your page back to the "Pre-Event" status in your Livestream Dashboard. Otherwise, your tickets will not be visible or accessible to your participants.

How do I use the livestream attendee chat function during my event?

You can find the controls for the livestream chat under the Livestream Dashboard tab in the section labeled ‘Live Chat’. Chat will be enabled by default but if you would like to turn it off, all you have to do is select Disabled on the below toggle menu. To learn more about best practices for using the live chat during your event, click here.

How can attendees make donations on my event page?

If you have enabled the ability for attendees to make donations, they’ll be able to make donations directly from your Essential Events page without having to navigate away from the livestream.

Attendees who click on the Donate button located on the right-hand side of the page will see a small sidebar appear on the page displaying the available donation options.

This donation feature is available regardless of what status your page is in: Pre-Event, Live, or Post-Event.

Once my livestream event is over, what do I do?

Once your event is over, just switch your page status to Post-Event under the 'LiveStream Status' section. Once you confirm your change on the pop-up banner your event will stop for attendees and the page will switch to the Post-Event settings.

Still have questions? Check out our related FAQ here!

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