Using Google Pay or Apple Pay as a Payment Option
Updated over a week ago

If you currently use Bonterra Payments as a payment processor, then your donors may also have the option to use Google Pay or Apple Pay when completing a transaction on Fundraising Pages.

At this time, these additional payment options are not available for recurring donations, nor for use with our Auctions platform.

During the checkout process, donors will have the option to pay with either a credit card, with Apple Pay, or with Google Pay.

If a donor opts to use Google Pay or Apple Pay, they will be directed to log into their Google account or Apple ID in a pop-up window, and then will be able to proceed normally with the rest of the transaction process.

Google Pay will be available to all customers using Bonterra Payments; however, Apple Pay does require a nonprofit organization to obtain a Candid "Seal of Transparency" to be available for use; once a Bronze seal (or greater) has been obtained, Apple Pay should be available for donors the next day.

We will also be periodically checking the status of our nonprofit customers on an ongoing basis to ensure that those who qualify have access to these payment options.

We strongly recommend that organizations confirm that they have the Seal of Transparency listed on their Guidestar profile, in order to provide their donors with even more ways to donate.

For more information on how to obtain the Seal of Transparency, please check out this helpful guide.

If you have questions about how to set up or use Google Pay, please check out this official FAQ.

If you have questions about how to set up or use Apple Pay, please check out this official FAQ.

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