You may have already received a 'Basket Incident' email from us following a customer complaint about one of your Phenix baskets? 😕 In the interests of transparency, these emails are intended to inform you of the incident, to give you the chance to clarify it with our teams and to find out how to avoid it happening again...

Indeed, basket incidents, as unfortunate for the customer as for the retailer, are easy to avoid: you just have to anticipate them thanks to a few simple clicks from your Phenix Professional space! ✨ We explain it all here!

Which of these basket incidents were reported to you?

🧐 The 4 basket incident scenarios

🎬 Scenario n°1: the shop was closed

The shop was closed during the pick-up time-slot indicated on the advert. The customer obtained a refund from Customer Success because he found the door closed, and the Phenix commission was charged to you.😞

How to avoid this?

If you exceptionally have to close your shop outside the usual hours or days, adopt one of the following reflexes:

💡 Are you closing for lunch? Indicate this in the 'Basket pick-up information' tab in your merchant profile so that customers do not show up during this time. For example: 'Attention, shop closed every day from 12:30 to 15:00'.

🎬 Scenario 2: the basket was not delivered to the customer

The customer came to the shop during the collection slot but was not given his basket. He obtained a refund from our Customer Success, and the Phenix commission was charged to you 😒

How can you avoid this?

You don't have enough unsold items to prepare the basket(s) of the day?

The employee on duty was not aware of the Phenix baskets? Don't forget to inform your teams and new employees!

💡 Customers can't find your business? Give them more details in the 'Details regarding pick-up mode' tab provided in your retailer profile. For example: 'Manufacturing workshop, call 06 00 00 00 00 to be opened'.

🎬 Scenario no. 3: the basket is inconsistent with the advert

The basket you gave was not in line with the ad, or the quantity of products was insufficient. The customer sent a picture of the basket to our Customer Success to get a total or partial refund, and the Phenix commission was charged to you.😞

How to avoid this?

Always make sure you stick to the starting price you advertise. For example, for a surprise basket worth 12€ sold for 5€, there must be at least 12€ of products. Some of our partner retailers sometimes attach a receipt to the basket to prove the value of the products: this is not compulsory, but it can be a good preventive practice.

You can also, for example, change the price of your basket if you have fewer products to put in it today.

From your Phenix professional space, you also have the possibility to create several different ads, or for example two price versions of the same ad, to publish the one that suits you best according to your needs!

💡 You have accidentally reversed 2 baskets and given the wrong basket to the customer? Don't panic: contact the Phenix retailer support number as soon as possible so that we can notify the customer and find a solution!

🎬 Scenario 4: some products in the basket were not consumable

Damaged or expired products were in the basket. Based on a photo sent by the customer, our Customer Success refunded the basket in whole or in part, and you were charged the Phenix commission.😞

How to avoid this?

Please note! The products in the Phenix baskets must be safe for consumption by customers. Products with an expired date (use-by date) or a best before date of more than 3 months (date of minial durability) are strictly forbidden, as well as products that have been opened, broken or show signs of mould. Refund rules in case of expired products are very strict and may result in a full refund of the basket! 😕

🧁 Need help?

Couldn't anticipate any of these actions on your Phenix space? Do you have an emergency? Or do you want to clarify a complaint? Call the Phenix team as soon as possible on the support number indicated in your professional space.

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