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Setting up smrtPhone Integration
Setting up smrtPhone Integration

How to install the smrtPhone integration

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smrtPhone is an all-in-one phone system that allows sales-driven businesses to make more calls, send more texts, and close more deals. The cloud-based phone, multi-line power dialer, full featured mobile app, customizable call flows, and robust suite of user management tools flex and grow with you. Focused on delivering deep integration with your CRM, smrtPhone powers greater automation, reduces time spent on clerical tasks, and gives valuable insight enabling you to do business better.

Follow this link to create an account:
Enter in Promo Code REISIFT30 to receive 30% off your first 3 months with smrtPhone.

Installing the Integration

smrtPhone can integrate with one CRM at a time. When creating your smrtPhone account, select REISift as your CRM. Copy the API key from the Settings -> Integrations -> smrtPhone section of your REISift account, and paste into smrtPhone.

If you already have a smrtPhone account linked to a different CRM, follow Path 1 from this article: Setting up a smrtPhone Account for use in your CRM to disconnect from your previous CRM and connect with REISift.

Next, navigate to the Admin -> API Token section of your smrtPhone account. Click Show Token and copy the API token.

Paste this API Token into the Settings -> Integrations -> smrtPhone Data Out section of your REISift account and click Validate Key.

Now you'll continue to set up your smrtPhone account by purchasing or importing your phone numbers, setting up your Call and SMS flows, adding your callers, and downloading the smrtPhone chrome extension.

Need more help with setting up your smrtPhone account? Please see Getting Started with smrtPhone

Once your callers are added to your smrtPhone account, navigate back to Settings -> Integrations -> smrtPhone in your REISift account, and map the smrtPhone users to their REISift username. This allows us to show which caller made the calls within the activity log.

How it Works

With the smrtPhone integration, you can call using the click to call features or by selecting the Call option in the chrome extension. SMS can be sent through the 1:1 communication inbox within the record, by clicking the message icon next to the phone number, or by selecting the Message option in the chrome extension.

The call and sms events will be logged to the activity log. If the call was recorded, there will be a link to the recording within the activity log.

Once a call is made or SMS is sent, the owner will be added as a contact in smrtPhone.
When the contact is added, you can search by contact name or phone number in the chrome extension to make calls or send sms.

Making Calls

Open the record you want to call or text, then click the phone icon next to the phone number. You can also call from the smrtPhone chrome extension by selecting the Call option.

The call statuses in smrtPhone are not currently included with the click to call integration. After you or your team makes a call, manually update the property and/or phone status within REISift.

For more information on property status, phone status, and phone tags, please see:
Statuses Explained

Sending SMS

To send SMS using our 1:1 Communication feature, click your smrtPhone number and select which phone number you want to send SMS from.

Then select which number you want to send the message to.

Type in your message, and click send. Messages will need to be 160 characters or less.

SMS can also be sent by clicking the messaging icon next to a phone number, or through the chrome extension by selecting Message.

Refreshing Numbers

When purchasing new phone numbers, select the Refresh icon located to the right of the Send to number to refresh your phone number list and bring in any new phone numbers.

Filtering SMS

You can also filter the messages. To filter for messages sent from a specific smrtPhone number, click the filter icon and select the number you want to filter by.


If the contact is added in smrtPhone and the owner does not exist in REISift, a new "Incomplete" owner record will be created. To access this record, search by owner name or phone number from the Owner Records page.

Open the Owner Record, and click the pencil icon to fill in any additional details for the owner.

The dispositions or post call options in smrtPhone are not related to the click to call integration. We are working on a direct integration with their bulk dialer, smrtDialer. Once this is complete, the dispositions will push to REISift through smrtDialer. This inbound integration will be available on our Business plan.

Having trouble with click to call? If you would like one-click dialing or texting from within REISift, you must have the smrtPhone Chrome Extension enabled. Need help downloading? Please see Activate the Chrome Extension to enable Click-to-Call in REISift CRM All click to call settings are browser dependent. The app that opens for click to call can be set within your browser. smrtPhone will need permission to access at minimum, microphone, sound, javascript, and third-party sign-in.

Not seeing call or SMS events on the activity log? Check the API key from within the Admin -> REISift section of your smrtPhone account and make sure it matches the API key in the Settings -> Integrations -> smrtPhone section of your REISift account. If it does not match, copy and paste the API key from REISift, and update it in smrtPhone.

1:1 SMS Message Failed to Send? Check the api keys under the Settings -> Integrations -> smrtPhone section of your REISift account.

The Data IN API Key in REISift should match the API key listed under the Admin -> REISift setup section of your smrtPhone account. If it does not match, copy the Data In API key from REISift and update the key in smrtPhone.

The Data out API Key should match the API token located in the Admin -> API Tokens section of your smrtPhone account. If it does not match, copy the API token from smrtPhone and paste into the Data Out section of REISift. Click Validate key.

Not seeing smrtPhone users listed under the Integrations section for REISift? Check the API keys and confirm they are correct. This can also happen if you had a previous smrtPhone account integrated with your REISift account. If you previously integrated with a different smrtPhone account, canceled it and created a new one, reach out to smrtPhone support so they can help with deleting the old integration. Once the old integration is deleted, you should be able to re-integrate with the new account.

Need more help? Message our support from within your account by clicking the arrow next to your name and talk to us. 🙂

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