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Understanding Phone Tags
Understanding Phone Tags

Learn How To Add, Remove, and Delete Phone Tags

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Phone tags are fully customizable and can be used to tag relative or PR phone numbers within your records, track your call attempts per phone number, or maybe you want to tag each phone number with the skip tracing company you received the number from.

Phone tags are separate from our Phone Statuses feature. We recommend using Phone Statuses to track Correct, Wrong, No Answer, DNC and Dead numbers.

Want more information on Phone Statuses? Check out our Phone Status Overview article.

How to Add and Remove Phone Tags

Phone tags can be added from within an individual record or on the Owner Details page, in bulk on upload, or through our integrations.

Adding and Removing Phone Tags Within a Record

To add phone tags within a record, click the shopping tag icon located to the right of the phone numbers, then type in the name of the phone tag you would like to add or select it from the drop down menu and Save Changes. Don't see a drop down menu? No worries! This just means you haven't created any tags yet. Once you apply a phone tag to a phone number, you'll be able to select it from the drop down menu.

To remove a phone tag from a phone number within your records, click the shopping tag icon. Then, click the "X" next to the phone tag you want to remove, and Save changes.

Adding and Removing Phone Tags on Upload

To add phone tags on upload, include a phone tags column in the csv and map this column to the phone tags field on upload. Phone tags can be added when uploading new records or updating existing records.

If the records already exist in your account, select Update Data when uploading. Here you can tag phone numbers by property address, by mailing address, or by phone number only.

When tagging phones by phone number, you'll need one single column of phone numbers, and one single column of phone tags.

Need to remove phone tags in bulk? Export by the phone tag you want to remove, edit the csv so that it includes a single column of phone numbers and a single column of phone tags. Next, upload using Update data -> Remove phone tags by phone number.

Note: Removing phone tags by phone numbers will remove all phone tags listed on your csv. If you have phone tags included on your csv that you DON’T want to be removed, delete these from your csv.

Checkout the Data Requirements of each Bulk Add or Remove Phone Tag option below:

Managing Phone Tags

You can view all phone tags created in your account from the Tags -> Phone Tags page. Here you can create new tags, edit, or delete and view a breakdown of records associated with each tag.

Hover over the See Breakdown section to view a breakdown of how many records are clean or incomplete or owned by a company or trust.

Creating New Phone Tags

New phone tags can be created from the phone tags page by clicking Add New Phone Tag located towards the top right of the page. After typing in the name, select Create Tag.

Editing and Deleting Phone Tags

To edit the name of a phone tag, select the 3 dots to the right of the phone tag, and click Edit.

In order to delete phone tags from your account, you must remove the tag from all phone numbers. This was done by design so you don't accidentally delete data.

Once the phone tag has been removed from all phone numbers and has "0" properties associated with it, hover over the 3 dots, and Delete.

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