Help around choosing the right keywords and explaining all of the different metrics that we use

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What are keywords?
How can I see my competitor's keywords?
Choosing your first keywords
How to download your chosen keywords
Do I need to optimise for the singular and plural version of a keyword?
How to bulk add keywords
How long does it take to rank for my keywords?
What type of keywords are best for a blog page?
Why are my keyword positions falling?
What does search volume mean?
What does keyword difficulty mean?
How frequently should you check your keywords?
How often do keyword rankings move?
Should I just choose keywords that are low in difficulty?
Should I add a location for my keyword suggestions?
Different types of keywords
Can I assign the same keyword to more than one page?
Should I choose keywords with my brand name in?
How many keywords does the platform track?
Why don't I see any keyword suggestions?
How and where are my keywords being tracked?
Can I change my keywords?
What does 100+ mean?
How to add a keyword
How to delete a keyword
Why you do not need to use the phrase 'near me' in your keywords
How long does it take to rank for keywords?
How to de-optimize a keyword
Do punctuation and capital letters affect the keyword?
Should I use local keywords?
Why is keyword search volume different to other SEO tools?
Why are my keyword rankings different to other tools?
What are informational and transactional keywords?
Should I use the same keywords for SEO as I do for PPC?
What to look for when choosing keywords
How to conduct local keyword research
Why are local keywords important?
What are “near me” searches
Why are "near me" keywords important?