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Keeping track of cancelled Service Events
Keeping track of cancelled Service Events
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Reporting on cancelled Events can prove tricky as most reports and calendars work off of the attendees on an Event, and Workers are removed from cancelled Events to free up that space so another Event can be booked in its place.

Potential Solutions

The "Service Event status > When the status of a Service File Event is set to a specified status" Trigger may prove useful in keeping tabs on cancelled Events, and has the benefit of still firing to the Primary Worker on the Event even if they're not an attendee.

It's possible to set up the Action Trigger to create an alert or notification that Workers can see in their Message tab, and they can click through to the relevant client file to reschedule. The Action Trigger could also be set up to create a Workflow that the Worker could see in their Workflow tab.

Referencing the Agency Events page

The Agency Events page will display cancelled Events if the Worker Site option is removed and nothing is entered in the Specific Worker field. The Case name will be displayed, as will the name of the Worker who booked the Event, and it can be clicked through to for more information.

Referencing the Event search tab

The Event search tab has the option to pull a list of all cancelled Case Events for a specified time period as long as nothing is entered in the Attending Individual field or Attending Worker field. Selecting Cancelled from the Event Status dropdown will generate the list.

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