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How to set up a subscription from your Backoffice
How to set up a subscription from your Backoffice

Add a booking for a customer. Great for phone or walk-in bookings and for those needing to pay by card or manual methods.

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You can take bookings for your Storage facility via our Create a Subscription form in your Backoffice.

To get going simply select the Subscriptions tab and click on Create a Subscription.

Here you are able to set up a customer subscription via a debit/credit card or a manual, external payment method.

To start, use the drop-down menu to select an existing contact, or create a new contact.

You will be asked to select a payment method. The options are Bank Transfer, Cash, Cheque, Card Payment, Direct Debit or Other.

With card payments, you'll be asked to enter the customer's card details when you submit the form. Once set up all card payment subscriptions are fully automated.

The other payment methods are not transacted through Stora. Instead, invoices will be created for you to update manually. You can learn how manual payment methods work in more detail here.

Subscription details

The rest of the form focuses on the booking details. First, you select the Billing Period (if more than one is set up), followed by the Unit Type for the booking and the price you wish to charge.

You will have the option here to select from the current default weekly price and any other previous prices you may have had on that particular unit type.

You will need to provide a move in date (which also acts as the payment renewal date) and level of insurance cover. You can also add a discount by selecting from any existing discount.

You will then be asked to select which emails you would like the customer to receive. You have the option here to turn off the following emails: booking confirmation, the move in day instruction, and the invoice reminder (on manual payment subscriptions).

This is handy if you're adding a subscription to an existing customer account or if you are transferring existing customers to Stora from another system.

When you are happy click Create Subscription.

If you used a manual payment method that's it all setup. If being paid by card you'll be redirected to a Stripe payment page and must now enter the customer's payment card details.

Next step: Allocate a Unit

Don't forget to allocate a unit to your new subscription before the customers move in date.

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