The anti-duplication control

How to control and manage duplication in a team?

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Duplicates can be problematic in your prospecting, especially when you are importing and searching hundreds or thousands of prospects per day. You cannot manually check if a prospect has already been contacted or not, and that is why Waalaxy has, by default, set up a duplicate security.

🔓 How does Waalaxy anti-duplication security work?

Waalaxy scans each import of leads and identifies leads that are already in the tool. It ignores these requests and does not import the prospect in question.

For each import, you will have an import report that you can find in your Settings and Last import. A section is dedicated to duplicates.

⛓️ Anti-duplication security in multi-account management

The Waalaxy Team subscription aims to facilitate multi-account management.

Indeed, people from the same team will want to be sure not to prospect the same people.

To do so, you can activate in the Waalaxy import pop-up, the "anti-duplication security".

You ask Waalaxy not to import leads that are already in your team members' CRM.

On the other hand, you may want Waalaxy to import leads even if some of them are already in your team members' CRM. In this case, you can deactivate the "anti-duplication security".

🔑 Manage duplicates

In case you disable the "duplicate security", Waalaxy will be able to import the leads that are already in your team members' CRM. It will list them in the "Duplicate" tab of the "Team" section.

You will be able to decide which accounts you want to keep these leads.

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