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Using Book Creator for differentiated learning
Using Book Creator for differentiated learning

Features available for students of varying ability, and those with special education needs

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Digital equity is a vitally important component of our vision for Book Creator. Technology and creativity should be available to all students, regardless of ability. In January 2020 we released over 230 accessibility improvements to Book Creator online.

Thanks to the accessibility features built into Book Creator, and the amazing range of tools available on iPads, Chromebooks and other devices, the task of creating and reading books has never been more accessible to all.

Take advantage of screen readers, multiple language support, closed captions, audio transcripts, speech-to-text, switch access, keyboard navigation and more to tailor the activity to the needs of the student.

We have a whole library of special education ideas, case studies and student examples for you to explore on our website, including this fantastic ebook resource by Rosey McQuillan:

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