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What is the Book Creator App Store?
What is the Book Creator App Store?

Power up your Book Creator experience with these built-in educational apps

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In January 2022 we added an App Store to Book Creator. This allows you to turn on specific apps for you and/or your students to do even more in Book Creator.

Four of the apps are available to all users, and there are another four which are only available if you have upgraded your Book Creator account.

Click on the links below to find out more about how each app works.

Free for everyone:

Premium apps:

How to enable apps

You can turn on access to specific apps either from your Teacher Dashboard, under Apps.

You can also access it from within a book by going to the + menu, then clicking More and Add Apps.

Once you're on the Teacher Dashboard, you can click on an app to open up the dialogue box to learn more about it and enable it.

Turning apps on for students

Once you click the Enable button, you will have enabled it for yourself as the teacher for all of your libraries. However, if you wish to enable the app for your students as well, you can choose exactly which libraries to enable it for by checking the boxes.

Enabling or disabling apps via the Admin Dashboard

Administrators can use the Admin Dashboard to set the permissions for each App and prevent students or both teachers and students from using an App if, for example, the App does not meet your District's privacy requirements. Learn how to do this here

Privacy & Security

As ever, you should check with your school district security policies before using any of these apps. Here are some things to note:

  1. Agreeing to the Book Creator terms of service does not automatically cover you for using these 3rd party apps.

  2. Each app has its own privacy card which you'll need to review before use. It will link to that app's terms of service which you may need to agree to. You will need to sign into to some apps separately to use them.

  3. Where possible, we prevent tracking and data sharing to 3rd party services everywhere we can. Where it's not possible, we explicitly say so in the privacy card.

If you're interested in learning more about the steps we've taken here, take a look at this thread from Thom Leggett, our VP of Engineering:

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