How to Create a Camp/Seminar

This video will show you how to set up a camp or seminar in Clubworx

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Use this video as a guide when setting up a camp or seminar that is offered outside of your regular membership plans. 

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Creating Calendar Events

To keep a log of bookings and attendances of your members into classes, you will need to create events in your calendar. 

Creating Membership Plans

You can collect your membership fees up front as a once-off payment, collect them over time through our recurring billing engine.


You can use our waiver functionality for the following purposes:

  • To sign up members with membership and payment details,

  • Capture prospect information, or

  • Collect electronic signatures on your waivers.

Smart Forms & Waivers are fully integrated with Clubworx and with selected payment integrators of ours (Stripe and Ezidebit). Our customers enjoy using these online forms to avoid double handling information and storing paper documents.

Integrated Payment Providers

Automatically bill your members through our integrated payment solutions.

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