Step 1: Add Merchant Accounts

Complete your Merchant Account application(s) to accept payment through Enrollsy

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Adding Merchant Accounts is easy, but it takes time to be approved on the backend. This is why we ask you to tackle this step early on. We would hate for your merchant account to keep you from launching.

To get started, click on the spaceship icon, and then select “Getting Launched”.

In the "ToDo” section, you can click the "Get started" button(s) to apply for the merchant account(s) you choose. EnrollsyPay offers a Credit/Debit card solution as well as an ACH solution. You will need to apply for each of these if you intend to accept both ACH and Credit/Debit card payments.

getting launched page in Enrollsy

All you'll need to do is follow the steps prompted in the application, but here are some helpful tips:

  • Payment Processing Volumes - You will notice that both applications ask for your payment processing volumes on a single, daily, monthly, and annual basis. If you exceed this limit at any point, your payments will be blocked! Please take the time to think through what these limits look like for your company.

  • Online Portal Access - Be sure to remember who you give online portal access to. This portal will be helpful later as you begin to reconcile your accounts. Learn more about accessing these accounts.

  • Non-Profit Organizations - If you are a Non-Profit Organization, there may be application questions that do not apply to you. This includes ownership details and percentages. Please still put information in these fields. Once the underwriters see that you are a non-profit, they will drop these fields.

If you run into any issues, see these support articles:

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