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Welcome To FlowPath! Onboarding Guide
Welcome To FlowPath! Onboarding Guide

Onboarding Overview of FlowPath

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What to Expect

You can expect industry leading customer support while working with your dedicated Customer Success Manager and the FlowPath team throughout launch and ongoing optimizations. Onboarding is completed in roughly 4 sessions. You can expect each of these sessions to last half an hour to an hour. Onboarding in most cases takes two weeks or less from data import to your go live date.

Onboarding Meeting Schedule

Account and Tech Setup

Prior to our first meeting the FlowPath team will complete your data migration with our templates or old system files and create your account for you. In our first meeting we will review all imported data, current work flow, establish users and permission levels needed and set expectations for go-live.

Work Order Generation + Training

Next we meet to train advanced automations, scheduling, and communication to and from the platform and your org. This meeting will cover PM schedules, inspections, external forms, inventory and labor hours/timers.

Vendors, Equipment + Inventory

In this session we will review any vendor and 3rd party assignments (if applicable), equipment set up, PM schedules, inspections and inventory management basics within FlowPath.

Reporting + Administration

Finally, we go deep into strategic capabilities to take you and your org to the next level. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will work with you to establish reporting dashboards that track your company's north star metrics.

Import Templates

We are happy to import your data, whether that's in the current spreadsheet you're using or using our spreadsheets we provide, here are the main items to import:


These are all client accounts and physical locations that work orders, inventory, equipment, and users will be associated with. You can send over a current spreadsheet you're using or fill out the LocationImport CSV we provide and return it to us.


These are all users that will need access to request/create/edit/complete work orders, we can walk through permissions for each at our next meeting. Please fill out the UsersImport CSV we provide and return it to us.


This is all equipment at each location, if you have any type of spreadsheet currently, you can forward over to us, or you can use the EquipmentImport template we provide and return it to us.


Any piece of inventory you would like to track you can send over for us to import or you can fill out the InventoryImport CSV we provide and return it to us.


Any vendor you would like to track against work orders and cost, feel free to send over and we can import or please fill out the VendorImport CSV we provide and return to us.

Ongoing Customer Support

Customer support comes with no extra charge and we are available 24/7 via email and during general working hours via phone, or chat, which we will respond to as soon as possible.

Every customer of FlowPath has a Customer Success Manager as their main point of contact, which will be with you every step of the way.

Explore More Features

Keep learning about FlowPath, click the link below:

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