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Using the reviewer role to support pre-assessment moderation
Using the reviewer role to support pre-assessment moderation

How to use the reviewer role to enable easier pre-assessment moderation.

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Moderation generally requires some sort of sharing/viewing of assessments and learner submissions. Because iQualify is an online platform, and tasks might live in a range of places, in and around content. It's not simply a matter of printing/saving as a pdf and emailing. While individual task submissions can be printed by a facilitator or a coach we think it's much simpler to use our reviewer role.

Although the reviewer role was intended more for reviewing course content to give feedback to authors, the way it works (reviewers just get read-only access, but can leave notes/comments) means that it can be a simpler way to share the assessments within a course. Simply add the moderator to as a reviewer to an under construction course, and they can pop in and see the assessments (and see how it relates to course content as well if they need to). Suggested changes can also be added in as reviewer notes for other reviewers and authors to see.

Note: At times, moderation requires reports or back and forth conversation to reach a conclusion. We recommend these activities occur and be stored outside of iQualify as we are not a system of record as such.

As an author, you can add one or more "reviewers" to a course so that moderators can review assessments and course content before it goes out to learners.

You can read more about the reviewer role in How to collaborate with other course authors.

If you've got someone who is new to iQualify, feel free to send them our article on Reviewing with iQualify to give them a helping start (of course, the Help menu is there for tours as well if they get stuck).

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