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How to add people to a class activation
How to add people to a class activation

Managers add learners, facilitators and coaches to a class, to control exactly who has access to each activation

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As a Manage user you can define user access to an active class either when activating the class or by editing the active class. Navigate to the Access tab where you can add users according to their role and permission level. 

There are three different permissions types you can assign to people - Learner, Facilitator and Coach.

Adding individual users

Adding people is easy. Simply select the role you want to add a person to and enter their email address (and first and surname if a new user).

When adding a learner, if you want them to have the same dates as the rest of the class then leave the date blank. If you want them to have their own dates, then you can use our new individual opening dates feature to change their start date here (all their due dates and end date will then flow through from the relative dates set under the dates tab).

Note: This feature is new. Under the first release this feature works for learners, however individual dates can’t be changed without re-adding the learner and won’t be available for facilitators to see.They also won’t be captured accurately in insights. We will be working on enhancing this feature early in the new year. Currently individual opening dates can be set when adding learners one by one. They can also be set via the API, where you can add multiple learners in the same request and specify each learner's start date. They cannot be set via the bulk upload tool or by copying from an existing class.

Bulk uploading 

If you have multiple people to add you can use our import option. Simply: 

  • Select the permission type you want to add a person to e.g. facilitator, learner, coach. 

  • Select Import file

  • Download the template provided (you can also download the example for reference).

  • Fill in the First/Last names and email address fields for the people you want to add.

  • Save then upload the file. 

Note: Person ID and Read-only fields (only currently available on bulk upload and when not using relative dates) are not mandatory fields. You can fill these fields in if you want to populate the ID fields and set the Read-Only access for the learner/s.

You can also add these fields to an individual learner by clicking on their name once added to the class.

Copying users from another class

If you want to add all learners, facilitators or coaches from another class, you can do this too by selecting copy from another course. You can copy from past, upcoming or current classes.

Account Status

Once you add a user to a class there will be a status against their account. There are five possible statuses, they are:

  • Will be added when course is activated (in green)

  • Added to course

  • Account creation pending

  • Invite sent

  • Invite accepted

Statuses are updated as follows:

When you add a user to a class that is an existing user, before class activation:
Will be added when course is activated (in green)
Then after you activate:
Added to course

When you add a user to a class that is an existing user, after activation:
Will be added when course is updated (in green)
Then after you update:
Added to course

When you add a new user to a class before OR after activation:
Account creation pending
Then after they create an account and log in:
Invite accepted

When you resend an email invite to ANY user with any existing status:
Invite sent
Then after they reset their password and log in again:
Invite accepted

Read only access

You can also choose to make the class read only, meaning learners will be able to access the course content but won't be able to complete any activities or submit assessments. You can do this by turning the read only toggle from NO to YES at the top of the Access tab.

Once you activate the class an email will be sent to everyone added to the course.

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