As a Manager you can define user access to an active course either when activating the course or by editing the active course. Navigate to the Access tab where you can add users according to their role and permission level. 

There are three different permissions types you can assign to people - Learner, Facilitator and Coach.

Adding individual users

Adding people is easy. Simply select the permission type you want to add a person to and enter their email address. If they're already a learner or facilitator with your organisation they'll be added automatically, otherwise you'll just need to enter in their first and last name before continuing. 

Bulk uploading 

If you have multiple people to add you can use our import option. Simply: 

  • Select the permission type you want to add a person to e.g. facilitator, learner, coach. 
  • Select import file
  • Download the template provided
  • Fill in the details of the people you want to add
  • Save then upload the file. 

Copying users from another course

If you want to add all learners, facilitators or coaches from another course, you can do this too by selecting copy from another course. You can copy from past, upcoming or current courses.

Read only access

You can also choose to make the course read only, meaning learners will be able to access the course content but won't be able to complete any activities or submit assessments. You can do this by turning the read only toggle from NO to YES at the top of the Access tab.

Once you activate the course an email will be sent to everyone added to the course.

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