If you just setting up your account for the first time, consider how information flows and the accessibility of your role to manage it.

  • Manage & upload content centrally to distribute it to other hospitals

  • Don't reinvent the wheel - Consider what handbooks, guidelines and escalation strategies can be shared

  • How should location managers share information back to the account?

About Account Managers

Account Managers are for people that are responsible for content, communications, onboarding or education at multiple hospitals

  • view, add and edit articles, events, announcements and mailouts for all hospitals in their account.

  • Can share information to one site or many

  • Information added can not be seen or edited by the location managers

  • Can provide clinicians access to one or many hospitals

About location managers

Location Managers are are responsible for managing a specific hospital only.

  • They cannot share information up to the account or across to other sites (currently)

  • Manage content, communications, events, user onboarding at their hospital / site only

Moving between account and sites (Account managers only)

Account managers can toggle between the account and a hospital specific view.

To see the local articles that are specific to a hospital only. Click on the hospital name to take you to the management page for that hospital (account managers only).

By default when you log in you will be at the account level

  • Click on locations to choose a location

  • Changes made in a specific location will not affect other hospitals

Switching between locations & accounts

  • Click the location drop down to choose another location

  • Click your account name to go back to account level

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