Before creating an event for your Cohort, you need to create an Invite Group.

If you are wondering why you need another group, it's so you can have multiple cohorts within any event group.

  • You'll only need to create the Invite Group once

  • changes made to a Cohort (i.e. adding or removing users) will automatically be reflected in the Invite Group

If you haven't yet created a cohort, before continuing read our guide here

How to create an Invite Group using Cohorts

  1. Log into Med App and click on 'Events' feature in the dashboard

  2. Click the Invite Groups tab to review a list of existing Invite Groups

  3. Click Create Invite Group

Invite group details

  1. Name the group

  2. Select a location (Account managers only)

  3. select the Invitees and select one or more Cohorts from the dropdown list.

Add your Cohorts

  1. You can search for the Cohort, click the dropdown and select one or many cohorts (If you know you'll be creating events for more than one Cohort regularly.

  2. Review the list of users for the selected Cohort(s).

  3. Click Create Invite Group when you are ready

Review invite groups

Now you've created your Invite Group, it will now appear in the Invite Groups Tab on the Events page in the dashboard.

Open a group to generate reports, add events & review attendance

  1. Clicking on the name of the Invite Group will show all events created for this group

  2. View the list of invitees, download attendance results and easily create a new event for the group.

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