Getting Started Checklist

You've got the tools...but where to begin?

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Maybe you're still a fundraising novice, or maybe you've been a professional fundraiser for years. Either way, we've got helpful resources and accessible training opportunities to make your life easier as you adjust to your new fundraising software.

We invite you to use this checklist to get your organization engaged in onboarding and set up for success during your first 90 days with our products.

First, Get Access to Bonterra Academy

Bonterra Academy is the home for all live webinars and educational learning pathways for Bonterra customers.

After your meeting with our Sales team, you will receive a welcome email and link to set up your Academy account within the next business day. (The email will come from

Once you receive the email, please complete the following tasks:

  • Follow the link in the email and set up your account in the Academy.

  • Visit the "Getting Started with Network for Good" learning path.

  • Sign up for the Network for Good Kickoff Webinar.
    Webinars are hosted through live sessions between Monday and Thursday.

Next, Attend a Kickoff Webinar

After signing up for a Kickoff Webinar through Bonterra Academy, you'll join one of the members of our Training & Enablement Team in a live, group training session. Kickoff Webinars are hosted live at designated times four days a week (Monday through Thursday).

In the Kickoff Webinar, you will receive an overview of the onboarding process for your organization, and see a brief walkthrough of your new fundraising software.

Once the Kickoff Webinar is complete, you can also look to complete these tasks:

  • Sign up for your first 1:1 with an Onboarding Specialist from our Welcome Team.

  • Sign up for the "Creating Fundraising Pages Webinar" in Bonterra Academy.

  • Log in to your software for the first time.

    If your initial password setup email never arrived, simply reset your password using these instructions.

Then, Set Up Your Donation Processing Tools

There are two options to process donations through our fundraising tools. Regardless of which option you'll be using, you'll want to make sure they're fully set up as soon as possible.

  • If you'll be using Network for Good's Donor-Advised Fund, you'll want to set up direct deposit once you've received your first disbursement check in the mail. You'll also want to make sure that the address your organization has listed in GuideStar is accurate. Learn more about setting up this process here.

Then, Complete Your Homework!

Once you've finished the above steps and attended your Kickoff Webinar, you'll likely have some additional "homework" to complete.

Please complete the following tasks

  • Create admin account profiles for your colleagues who will be using your fundraising tools - each user should have their own individual admin account and password.

  • Attend the "Creating Fundraising Pages Webinar" and build your first donation page - then, use these steps to add that page to your organization's website.

  • If you have donor data and donation records to add to the system, attend the "Importing Data Webinar" found in Bonterra Academy, and then start working on exporting your historic data into spreadsheets.

  • Attend your first 1:1 with an Onboarding Specialist from the Welcome Team, as you only work with these team members during your organization’s first 90 days as a
    Bonterra customer.

Looking Forward: Extra Credit

Have you finished all of the tasks listed above and want to really set yourself up for further success? Consider taking on some of the additional tasks below!

  • Sign up for the "Sending Email Blasts Webinar" in Bonterra Academy, and send out your first email blast to your supporters!

  • Build an acknowledgement template specific to your organization, so you can thank your donors with a personal touch.

  • Learn more about sending a direct mailing and consider adding a letterhead to a direct mailing template for future use.

  • Explore the "Donor Management 101" learning pathway in Bonterra Academy for additional training opportunities, or explore our Help Center to learn more about a specific topic or feature.

Happy Fundraising!

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