To set up long service leave, go to Settings.

Select Organisation Settings.

Click on the Leave Settings heading.

Tick the box labelled 'Allow long service leave'.

Select the correct long service leave rate

The amount of long service leave varies across states in Australia. Select the state you live in so your long service leave is accrued correctly.

Also, tick the Long service leave option in the Shown in Payslip section if you want the long service leave shown in the payslip.

Please note: long service leave will accrue on full-time, part-time, and casual employees. If you would like the system to continue to accrue long service leave for your employees but do not wish to show this amount on the employee's payslip please feel free to untick the long service leave balance the shown in payslip section.

Click Save to finish.

Next, you'll need to add the existing long-service leave balance in Opening Balances.

To do this go to People.

Select the settings wheel on your employees one by one.

Go to Opening Balances.

Enter the Long Service Leave Balance in the relevant box.

Click Save to finish.

You'll now be able to add long service leave to pay runs.

In the pay runs, click on More.

Click on Long Service Leave.

Add the hours taken for long service leave.

Please note that when you are adding long service leave amounts, do not deduct these hours from the ordinary hours as this will affect the amount of pay calculated. Instead indicate how many hours of the ordinary hours are considered leave in the leave section.

Finish the pay run as normal.

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