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Transaction Management
Transaction Management
17 articles
Create a Listing TransactionHow to create and submit a listing to Radius via Skyslope
Convert a Listing into a TransactionLearn how to Convert a Listing into a Transaction via SkySlope
Complete the Document ChecklistLearn how to attach documents to your file checklist in SkySlope
Withdraw a ListingLearn how to withdraw a listing via SkySlope
Write A Listing Agreement From My Radius DashboardLearn How To Write a Listing Agreement Via Your Radius Dashboard
Delete an Incomplete TransactionLearn how to delete an incomplete transaction via SkySlope
Write an Offer From My Radius DashboardLearn How to Write an Offer via your Radius Dashboard
Cancel a TransactionLearn how to cancel a transaction in SkySlope
External Referral Fee Agreement (CA)External Referral Agreement Information & Process for California (Referring a Client to Another Brokerage)
Radius Lease ProcessProcess for managing leases within Radius.
Radius ~ CDA Best PracticesYour guide for managing SkySlope files and ensuring a smooth CDA approval process.
Radius Cheat Sheet: CA Buyer Rep FormsYour guide to the newly released and newly revised CAR Buyer Representation forms
Understanding Your CDALearn What Each Section On Your CDA Means.
Compliance Process TimelineUnderstand Radius's Transaction Management Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
How to Obtain a CDA?Learn what steps to take in order to generate and receive your CDA
Radius Preferred Transaction CoordinatorsOur Preferred Transaction Coordinator roster includes top professionals, chosen for their exceptional quality of work and professionalism
Radius Outbound Referral ProcessThis guide helps you manage referrals smoothly, ensuring timely payments and streamlined transactions with Radius.