Service Billing Summary Report
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The Service Billing Summary report displays a snapshot view of the billing information and history for each Service File.

The Summary section shows invoiced and pending charges for both the client and third-party payors and includes Fees, Payments, Credits, Returns, Recoveries and Balances.

Below the Summary section you will find a list of all financial activity for both the client and funder (amount and running Balance columns can be found on the right-hand side of the screen).

The following links are embedded in the report:

  • Clicking on the client or funder names will take you to the Individual Profile page or Funder page.

  • Clicking on a number in the Doc ID column will take you to the corresponding Invoice page.

  • Clicking on the Event Date will take you to the Service Event page for that particular appointment.

The Service Billing Summary can be accessed from the Reports sidebar on the Service File page.

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