Case Billing Summary Report
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The Case Billing Summary Report is an interactive version of the Case Account History Report.

The report displays the account summary for the Case broken out by transaction type and status (not invoiced, invoiced, payments, etc.) for funders and Individuals. All transactions with billing amounts by event date or by payor are also displayed. Additional Case details including Case status, open date, household income and family size are included. This report is typically used by billing personnel.

Here are a couple of useful tips:

  • Prior to attendance being recorded – The total cart amount is displayed in the Booked row.

  • After attendance has been recorded and the cart items have been invoiced – The amount will be moved to the Invoiced row.

Below the Summary section, you will find an overview of all client and funder financial activity.

The following links are embedded in the report:

  • Clicking on the client or funder names will take you to the Individual Profile page or Funder page.

  • Clicking on a number in the Doc ID column will take you to the corresponding Invoice page.

  • Clicking on the Event Date will take you to the Service Event page for that particular appointment.

The Case Billing Summary report can be accessed from the Reports sidebar on the Case page (see screenshot below).

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