New Owner Checklist

Have you taken over a Triib Account/Facility?

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Congrats on your new facility and welcome to Triib! Your system has already been set up; however, there are parts of the system that may not have been previously used or parts that you may want to change.

This will be your guide to ensuring the Triib system is set up to suit your needs.

Step 1: Sign Triib's Terms of Service and add in a credit card for your subscription by going to Triib Settings > Triib Account

Step 3: Change Triib Settings

Step 4: Adjust the Welcome Email

Step 5: Adjust/Set Up the Payment Alerts Emails

Did you change the name of the business❓

If so, you'll want to Update your Facility Branding

If you are a premium account holder, take a look here for anything that may not have been set up previously: Premium Website

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