How does DataFromSky TrafficSurvey work? FAQ

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DataFromSky AI is a unique, globally trusted service, providing super-accurate traffic data from videos either from drones with stabilization or from standard cameras. It is capable of measuring a wide range of advanced traffic parameters for each object thanks to the trajectory-based approach: analyzing current speed, acceleration/deceleration due to georegistration, classification up to 19 categories, safety analysis (measuring time to collision, heavy breaking or risky situations), configurable gate counting including O/D matrix, travel and occupancy times, headways, gaptime & time to follow analysis, turning movement counts, heatmaps/gridmaps, traffic and action regions, capacity estimations, various export functions and statistics (you can also visualize your data and export this visualization) and many more features accessible via DFS Viewer.

And what about the costs? With DFS service you pay only for hours of the video that you upload to our DataFromSky AI platform. You get a 5-minute sample video (10x samples per 24hours maximum) to help you decide if you want a full analysis. We also give you three credits to get started with our services!

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