• Have all your Programs been created properly? Double-check by editing each program and verifying the following settings:

    • Enrollment Model

    • Pricing

      • Payment Plans

    • Enroll Form

    • Advanced

  • Have you created Classes (with capacities)? (see How to Change Class Capacity)

    • If pricing is set on the Class, double-check pricing and payment plans



  • To verify the above is done to your satisfaction and everything is saved properly and working as intended, you will need to do at least one test enrollment as a customer* (see How to Test Enrollment Form/Links)

    • *Make any changes to Enroll Form fields, Program/Class pricing, or anything else that doesn’t look correct

  • Download your Customer Enrollsy Instruction Template for your customers and fill it out with your company info

  • Remember that you alone are responsible for things working the way you want them to work.

Before you go live, contact us through chat with any bugs you find so we can assist in resolving anything that is not an issue you have control over.

Checked everything off? You’re ready to go!

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