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Enrollsy has our set of words and phrases like most software companies. Click here to check out the list and get familiar with our "speak."

Common “Gotchas”

It's impossible to have software that works for everyone in the way they think it should work. Gotchas are the nuances, caveats, and shortcomings that may not be possible to "fix" but that you should be aware of. If you're not aware of these, they might leave you feeling like the software is broken or doesn't work.

Before you jump to that conclusion, please double-check that you have done (or haven't done) one of the following "Gotchas":

  1. Enrollment Periods - If you can't find an Enrollee, Class, or Program, you may be in the wrong Enrollment Period. Learn about Enrollment Periods.

  2. "Enrollment ends on" - Is a Program or Class not showing up in your Enroll Form? You may have the Enrollment ends on date set in the past. Find out more about "Enrollment ends on" date.

  3. Publish Enrollment Period/Memberships - If your Enrollment Form says there are no Programs or Classes available to enroll in, yet you just got done creating them (and there isn't an Enrollment ends on date in the past in your settings), chances are your Enrollment Period(s) haven't been published. The same goes for Memberships. Learn how to publish an Enrollment Period here.

  4. Publish Locations - If your Enroll Form isn't showing some of your Locations, then you likely need to publish more Locations or take a look at the next Gotcha below.

  5. Right Location - If you have multiple Locations and Programs are not visible for certain Locations, you need to adjust your Programs to include all the correct Locations. Learn how to do that here.

  6. Private Links - If your Enroll Form isn't showing a Program as an option and all the above Gotchas check out, your Program might be a Private Program or you may not have a Class with a Capacity.

  7. Classes - If your Class(es) aren't showing up on the Enroll Form, you may have the exact same Program Options on your Program.

  8. Save Button - Many pages in Enrollsy support auto-saving. But, there are a few pages where changes you make need to be deliberately saved. Specifically, on the Billing, Account, and Enrollee pages and on the My Company page.

  9. Enroll - When you use or preview your Enroll Form as a signed-in Admin, your experience is much different from your clients. Make sure you preview your Enroll Form or test it while signed out if you want to see what their experience looks like. Learn more about the differences between these ways of testing your Enroll Form here.

  10. Teacher Portal - If you have teachers who are not lead teachers but go into multiple classrooms, and you want them to be able to check in/out, enter or exit classrooms, or do other Activities in the Teacher App, be sure to add them to ONE existing classroom. If there are no active students in a class, teachers will not be able to see the Class in the Teacher App.

For Frequently Asked Questions, see Admin FAQs

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