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See what the Pro plan offers by reviewing these articles and videos

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If you are interested in upgrading to the Pro plan but don't know if it's right for you, review these articles and videos.

To upgrade from your current subscription, go to Settings/Billing & Subscription. Click the Select button at the bottom of the column and re-enter your credit card information. Click the Upgrade Subscription button.

Key Points

The Pro plan includes:

  • Messenger

  • Multi Units

  • Service Agreements

  • Contact Forms (Leads)

  • Tech Tracking History

  • Zapier Integration

  • Auto Routing

Note All Startup and Business plan features are included in the Pro plan.


The Messenger feature allows you to interact with your customers through email and SMS texting. These messages are stored in their entirety for you to view and reply to, and includes Welcome New Customer, Invoice, and Work Order emails and Appointment Reminder and Late Payment Reminder emails and texts.

Multi Units

Multi Units can be used for anything, but the intended use is managing large housing complexes, hotels, motels, student or government housing where you need to service individual flats, apartments, or rooms within one building.

Multi-Units for apartments, condos, hotels, public storage facilities...
includes Multi Unit Overview video
Mobile app - Units
includes Multi Unit Overview video

Service Agreements

Service Agreements allow you to create a series of Work Orders that have an Initial "up front" service followed by Recurring services. For example, create an Initial termite service for $2000 and an annual Recurring service for $125 as one bundled package.

Renewal Notices can be automated to send out to the customer before the warranty period expires.

Service Agreements Overview Videos
includes Service Agreement Overview and Customer's Email & Signature videos
Service Agreements - Part 1
includes Create new Service Agreement and Service Agreement Overview videos
Service Agreements - Part 2
includes Customer's Email & Signature videos
Service Agreements - Part 3
includes Setting Up Renewal Notices on an existing Work Order Series
and Add Renewal Notice with Fee to existing Work Order Series videos
Fieldwork Office - Getting Started Guide
The tech will need to download and use the Fieldwork Office app to do Service Agreements in the field.

Contact Forms (Leads)

Existing customers can make a service request from the Customer Portal. Potential customers (leads) can make a service request from your website.

Tech Tracking History

See where a tech traveled yesterday and earlier in the Calendar map.

Tech Tracking History

Zapier Integration

Fieldwork has an Open API and integrates with Zapier Contact us so we can enable it on your account and invite you to it on Zapier.

Note The features of each plan are bundled together at a set price. We cannot bundle features across multiple plans or exclude features. Please know that the price includes all training and support, plus there are no contracts or signup fees.

Auto Routing

Auto Routing is a powerful tool that pulls appointments from your Work Pool and non-confirmed appointments and creates an optimized route around your confirmed appointments. It is used in conjunction with Google Maps. When you set up your criteria we send it to Google for the optimization. Google analyses the data and sends it back.

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