The Admin Dashboard is quick at a glance for what's happening in your gym. Let's break down everything you need to know about how your settings might affect your Dashboard as well as tips and tricks to make sure the Dashboard is a true reflection of your gym.

You will find the following on your main dashboard:

  • Overview of Active Members, Memberships, Prospects, Declined Payments

  • Active Membership Count

  • Attendance History

  • 1:1 Session Calendar

At the top, you will find a variety of reports that are available. These reports will only appear if there is something to show. For example, if you do not have any current memberships on hold then the Members On Hold Report will not appear as there's nothing to show.

What does this all mean to you? Let's breakdown each section...

Active Members: This is a combination of Memberships, Attendance Packs, and Appointment Packs. The active members may not total Memberships + Attendance packs + Appointments as you can choose to make Attendance Packs and Appointment Packs not count towards active members.

❗️Do you think your Active Member count is too high or low? Take a look at your Attendance & Appointment Packs to ensure that only the ones you want are counting towards the active member count. ie - You may want to exclude Free Trials, Consults, or Promotional Packs from counting towards your Active Member count. ❗️

Newly Joined: Any new member that has signed up for an Attendance Pack, Appointment Pack, or Membership Plan will be listed here.

Prospects: Are you using the Contact Us Page? If so, all prospects will automatically be entered here. You can also add prospects manually.

At-Risk Members: This is determined by members who have not attended a class during a particular time frame OR any member who hasn't checked into your gym ever. This time frame is set by going to Triib Settings > Edit Affiliate Info under At-Risk Member Alert (days).

Declined: Any failed CC or ACH payment will appear here and take you directly to the Failed Payment Report which can be found under Reports > Revenue Based > Failed Payments. Have you set up payment alerts? No? Learn how to set them up!

Overdue Cash: Similar to Declined payments, these are overdue invoices where the member is paying by cash or does not have a credit card or bank info on file.

Flagged Invoices: Each night, we have an automatic process to sift through and "flag" any invoices that appear to be misconfigured to ensure you're charging the intended amount. When this appears on your dashboard, it is imperative that you take a look: 🚩 Once an invoice has been flagged, it must be manually processed 🚩

Members On Hold: Any membership plans currently on hold will appear here. Clicking on this will take you to the On Hold Report which will provide current holds, upcoming holds and Past Holds. You can also find the report at Reports > Members > On Hold.

Upcoming Drop Ins: Any drop in signed up through your Drop In Online Signup Link. Alternatively, you can find Drop In History by going to Reports > Revenue > Drop in History and search or a specific timeframe.

Gift Certificates: Here you will find all Gift Certificates that have been purchased. Once purchased, you will need to Apply to the Member.

Class Check In: Click here to navigate directly to the Class List Dashboard to see who has RSVPd, Checked In, or No-Showed for the day.

In the next section, you will find your Active Membership Count and Attendance History by month/year at a quick glance and easily compare check-ins by year.

Lastly, there is the 1:1 Session Calendar. Alternatively, you can view this calendar by going to Appointments > Booked Appointments > Staff Calendar.

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