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How to book teachers on ClassCover - 3 ways
How to book teachers on ClassCover - 3 ways

Learn how to book all at once, create a one at a time booking and do a pre-confirmed booking for one day or book for block work

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After making sure that your list has a healthy number of relief teachers, you are now ready to start booking them in for work.

In this video, we will give you a simple overview of the different types of booking options and when you will need to use each.

These are:

  • Booking request – One at a time

  • Booking request – All at once

  • And Pre-confirmed bookings

All of these options are available to you on both the desktop and mobile app versions of ClassCover.

Let start with Booking requests

This is where you set up a shortlist of teachers for the day or days you would like covered for a particular class.

Once you have filled out the required information and shortlisted the teachers you would like to send the request to – you will be given the option to send this request as either an all at once booking or a one at a time booking. 

The all at once booking is more for when you have a very last minute spot to fill and need the class to be covered asap. This negates the option to have your preferred teachers notified in priority order as you will be blanket messaging all on the list at the same time. 

This option means the first to respond to the request, gets the job. We don't recommend over using this feature if you have a large number of relief teachers on your list as it will make it much harder for them to ever get a chance to work at your school, increase competitiveness and after a while – they may tune out to your requests in the future.

Think of it more as your emergency back-up plan for those last minute call ins. 

Top tip! If you are doing this booking, please also consider the time you are sending it out. If you are sending it during class time, many won't be able to respond as they will most likely be teaching.

If you are looking for more control over booking your preferred teachers to cover a class, then setting up a 'One at a time' request is the way to go. It doesn't take more work to set up however, you will need to allow more time for the booking process to complete. 

Once you have chosen this as a booking option, you can then order your shortlist starting with your most preferred teachers. Then you set up your time delay between each booking request invite sent. This mean that you are giving your most preferred teachers ample time to respond. 

If they can't or if there's no response, the booking will automatically go on to the next person and so forth until the booking is accepted and filled.

How to use the Pre-confirmed booking functionality

This is for when you have already made an agreement usually by verbally booking a teacher for a one day booking or for ongoing or one off block work, and you want to lock it in via ClassCover. 

By logging it in, you can ensure your booking calendar is up to date, your downloadable payroll report is accurate and the teacher you have booked won't be able to be booked by other schools on that day.

To do a pre-confirmed booking, simply find the teacher you would like to book and click on a day you would like to start the booking. 

Here you can also book in someone for block work. All options are available to you here in this window. You can make the days consecutive or non-consecutive, you can run this until the end of the year, have an end date or simply have the booking sequence played out once. Its up to you and completely customisable to suit your pre-confirmed agreement.

This feature as mentioned is for when you have already given the teacher a heads up. It's not a good idea to use this feature for booking invites without confirming first as you will find a high instance of teachers calling up to cancel as they are automatically booked for the day without a chance to respond through this method.

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