Let's walk through the process of a creating a new Event in CourtReserve.

First make sure you have set up your EVENT CATEGORIES and if you need instruction please CLICK HERE AND WATCH A VIDEO

Adding Event Details

  1. Click "Add Event" under the Events menu.
  • Create a name for the Event. (required)
  • Choose an Event Category.
  • Choose the max # of players that can attend this event.  NOTE - Once the amount of players have been reached the signup buttons will not show.  Only the ability to "wait-list".
  • Choose if this event Is Private.  If event is marked as private, it will NOT show up on the Public Calendar, only the internal schedulers.
  • Choose if you want to approve all event signups that come in from the portal.
  • Choose if you want to add event registrants to a waiting list if event is a max capacity.
  • Enter the Event Start Date.
  • Check "Is Continuous" if the event needs to span across multiple days (ex: Weekend Tournament)
  • Enter the Start and End Times.
  • Enter the Event End Date NOTE - This will only show if the event has been marked as a "Continuous" event.  

Recurrence Rules

If you need to make an event recurring, you can easily take advantage of our Recurrence Rules section.

We have multiple recurrence rule types

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Custom - Any # of days (see below)

Example of Custom Recurrence

Check out a video of this in action:

CLICK HERE TO WATCH additional video on Setting Up A Reoccurring Event

Entering Organizers, Courts & Resources

The next section is where you can enter your Event Organizer (Instructors), assign courts, and add Resources (Ball machines, hoppers, etc)

Setting up Event Fees

The next section is where you will setup your Event Fees.
CourtReserve is very flexible in this regard and will let you setup multiple ways to charge for the event.  

  • You can setup different costs based on if a Member is a "paid" member or not.
  • You can also setup event costs for the entire event, or break it down by drop-in rate.
  • The final setting gives you the ability to cut off entire event pricing if X # of occurrences have passed.

Event Description

Please enter a description that will be used to give users more information on the Member Portal.


  • If you want to require an online payment for this event, make sure to check the box "Require online payment to signup for this event"
  • Allow Drop-ins: This setting allows members to sign up for individual occurrences of this event.
  • You will then set the price of this event at the Membership level. This allows you to set different prices based on membership type.
  • If you want to cut off paying for a group of occurrences after a certain # of occurrences have passed, you can do that by setting the "X number of occurrences to turn off by Entire Price"

Description: Enter the description of an event that will show up on the Public Member Portal.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH a video on Creating Camps or Events with Multiple Days for One Price

CLICK HERE TO WATCH a video that you can share with your Members on How To Make A Reservation And Register For An Event

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