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About the "My Company" Page
About the "My Company" Page

Find out how to navigate to the Company settings page and what settings can be found on it

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Many settings can be found on the "My Company" page. But where IS the "My Company" page, you ask?

How to find the My Company Page

You will see a rocket ship icon in the upper-right corner if you have not yet launched. Click on the rocket and then on My Company:

the my company page in Enrollsy

If your company has already launched (is live), you will see a person icon in the upper-right corner. Click on that icon to get to My Company.

the my company page in Enrollsy

The following is the information you will find on this page:

Company Details

At the top of this page, you will see your company name and logo. You can edit your logo by clicking the pencil icon.

upload company logo in Enrollsy

Underneath the logo is your company contact information, website, and email address. If you want to edit your company name, you can contact Enrollsy via the chat button within the app. To edit your company contact information, scroll down to My Company.


All the links you need (except private enroll links) are located here, including the following:

  • Account Sign-In - Customers need this link to sign in to their accounts on a browser

  • Account Password Reset - Give this link to customers who need to reset their account password

  • Enroll Form - This is your main/public Enroll Form link. All published Enrollment Periods and Programs (that are not private) will show up under this link.

  • Program Browse - This is the link to the Browse page which allows your Customers to "browse" through all of your public Programs in any published Enrollment Period. You can publish/unpublish this page right here as well.

  • Purchase Gift Card - Give this link to customers to purchase Gift Cards (if applicable)

  • Instructor Portal - Instructors/staff will need this link to sign in to their accounts on a browser

NOTE: Click on the link icon to copy.

  • Embed Enrollsy on your site - You can embed a button or link on your website that defaults to one of the following:

    • Enroll Form - Goes to your general Enroll Form; however, you can prefill Program selections.

    • Customer Sign-In page - Goes to the account sign-in page for your customers to log into their account.

    • Gift Card page - Add a link to your website where Gift Cards can be purchased directly.

    • Browse page - Add the Browse page where customers can browse through your Programs before deciding to enroll.

My Company

Under the My Company setting, you can edit the following information:

  • Company contact information (email address, phone number, address, time zone)

  • Company website

  • Company theme color

  • Tax ID number

You can also enable the Kiosk feature here, allowing Instructors to clock in on the app. Check a box to copy an email address on all outgoing customer communication.


Default Pages

Under Portals, you can set the default page for the Customer and Instructor Portals, meaning that the first page they will go to when they sign in will be the one you set.

portals settings in Enrollsy

The following are the default page options for the Instructor Portal:

  • None

  • Classes

  • Content

  • Activities

  • Check-In/Out

The following are the default page options in the Customer Portal:

  • None

  • Payments (Home)

  • Transaction History

  • Activities

  • Account

  • Content

Payment Messages

Under this setting, you can also include customized Payment messages on the Customer Portal Payments (Home) page and Make a Payment window.

Hide sections in the Customer Portal

You can also select the option to hide certain sections in the Customer Portal:

  • Hide the "Enroll" button

  • Hide the Payments section

  • Hide Future Invoices

What do you call things?

Under this section, you can change what you call certain things within Enrollsy. Do you want to call "Enrollee," "Student," "Child," or another name? Besides "Enrollee," other entities that be changed include:

  • Instructor

  • Primary Account Holder

  • Secondary Account Holder

  • Location

  • Enrollment Period

  • Program

  • Class

Enroll Form

This section is where you can do the following:

  • Terms & Conditions - Customize and add additional Terms & Conditions

  • Enrollment Welcome Messages - Customize and add additional Enrollment Welcome Messages. You can create as many of each of these as you need.

  • Program Instructions - Add general Program instructions that apply to ALL Programs.

  • Redirect URL - Change the default URL (where Enrollees are redirected after enrollment)

  • Allow 'enroll self' - Enable this if you allow Primary Account Holders to enroll themselves (Enrollees can also be Account Holders). You have the following options to choose from:

    • Default selection to 'Enroll Someone Else'

    • Default selection to 'Enroll Self'

    • 'Enroll Self' first

    • 'Enroll Self' only

    • 'Enroll Someone Else' first

  • Enforce enrollment capacities - Enable this if you want to prevent enrollment into Programs and Waitlists at full capacity. This setting also allows real-time reservation in the Enroll Form to prevent over-enrollment.

  • Auto assign enrollments - Enable this to automatically assign new enrollments into a Class if the selected Program has only one Class.

  • Hide Enroll Another button - Enable this is you want to hide the button that shows at the bottom of the Enroll Form that says "Enroll Another." This button allows customers to enroll another person without having to go back.

  • Account password settings - The password settings available are:

    • Force Password Creation: Force customers to create a password when enrolling for the first time

    • Optional Password Creation: Allow your customers to optionally create a password when enrolling for the first time

    • Hide Password Fields: Hide the password fields at the end of the Enroll Form

Payment Settings

Select which payment settings you would like to apply to all transactions through Enrollsy. These rules include the following:

  • Auto-pay settings:

    • Opt-In / Opt-Out - Allow customers to opt-in and to opt-out of auto-pay

    • Force Auto-Pay - Force auto-pay enrollment; customers cannot opt out

    • Hide Auto-Pay - Hide auto-pay enrollment. Customers will not be able to opt in or opt out of auto-pay themselves.

  • Payment Fees - You can pass on taxes and/or fees to the customer. These fees can be changed on a customer account level as well.

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