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Learn more about the Billing page found for each Enrollee/Account Holder

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Each Account Holder and Enrollee has an Account in Enrollsy, and as part of that Account, there is a Billing page. This page shows the following information:

  • Account Holder's information

  • Any tags associated with the Enrollee(s) on that Account

  • Current, paid, and future Invoices

  • Credits

  • Active and future Enrollments

  • Auto-Pay settings

Keep reading for more details about each section on this page.

Account Information

The first information you will see is the Account Holder's name, email address, and phone number (if added). This top bar also includes "Post Transaction" and a new "Build Invoice Summary" It will look similar to the example below:


Admins can view and manage all current, paid, and future Invoices from the Billing page.

View & Edit Invoices

Click "Manage" to open the Invoice editor to view and edit Invoices.

The Invoices editor window opens where you can view Current, Paid, or Future Invoices (click on one of the three options above to see the Invoices). You can edit any transactions within each Invoice by clicking "Edit."

Build Invoice Summary

Click the "Build Invoice Summary" at the top of the Customer Billing page to build a customized summary of multiple Invoices.

Follow these steps:

  1. Filter by Location and/or Enrollment Period

  2. Choose Enrollees

  3. Select the Totals to include (Enrollee Totals and/or All Invoices Total)

  4. Click Build

Here is an example of what the Invoice will look like:

Multiple Invoices

Electronic payments (ACH or credit/debit cards) are now marked if they have paid more than one Invoice:

NOTE: Currently this is ONLY for electronic payments (not cash or check payments).

Gift Cards & Prepayments

Under "Gift Cards & Prepayments" you can add or view any gift card credits or prepayments. All other credits will show up on the Invoice they are added to.

Select "Gift Cards or Prepayments" on that Customer's Account to open up the history window. Admins will be able to edit or delete Gifts Cards or Prepayments here. Select the pencil icon to edit a credit. Click the trashcan icon to delete a credit.

Active/Future Enrollments

Under this section are cards for each Enrollment. This card contains the following:

Left Side:

  • Enrollee Name (and photo if uploaded)

  • Enrollee Tags (if added)

  • Enrollment Period and Location of the Enrollment

  • Program Options of the Enrollment (in the example below, the name of the Program)

  • Class Assignments (if assigned)

  • Internal Billing Notes (viewable to only Admins)

Right Side:

  • Ability to add or edit the Payment Plan

  • The Future Invoice total for that Payment Plan

  • Payment Plan name (if applicable) for that Enrollment

  • Any current Invoices under the "Paid" and "Current" tabs

    • Amount of Invoice

    • Ability to edit the Invoice

    • Date due

    • Status (unpaid, paid, etc.)

Here is an example:

In the above Enrollment card, you can do the following:

  • Add or edit the Photo of Enrollee

  • Add Tags to the Enrollee

  • View Class Assignments ("View" goes to the Classes page)

  • Add internal billing notes

  • Add or edit the Payment Plan (click "Edit" under the Payment Plan and choose to customize the current plan, choose a different plan, or remove the plan)

  • View paid and current Invoices (click on Paid/Current tabs)

  • View any future Invoices (click on "Edit" under the Payment Plan to scroll through the payment events)

Auto-Pay Settings

Under this section, you can see if the Customer is on Auto-Pay (where payment is taken out automatically based on the payment method on the Account). If two payment methods are set up (ACH and Credit Card), the one chosen is the one on Auto-Pay. Admins can set up or delete payment methods here.

individual auto-pay settings in Enrollsy

If you have any payment fees set up (i.e., a convenience fee or sales tax), you can change the amounts for the specific Customer here.

change payment fees in Enrollsy

Be sure to click "Save" when making any changes in this section, or your changes will not be saved!

Transaction History

The Transaction History is where all the billing activity occurs, including all Charges (tuition and other fees), Discounts, Credits, and Payments. You can do the following in this section:

  • Print a Payment Receipt (click the three dots beside the Payment)

  • Print a Statement or Transaction Summary (click the print icon)

  • Export the information to a spreadsheet (export button)

To learn how to read the Transaction History, see this support article.

Post Transactions

The new "Post Transaction" window (which can be accessed by the plus ("+") button to the right of Invoices in the left menu OR the "Post Transaction" at the top) has the following functions and looks like this:

Here is a description of each of the functions:

Create Invoice

Here is where you can create an invoice for a Customer. These are what was previously known as "Post a Charge." Now you create an Invoice with any tuition or fee. See this article to learn more about how to create a current Invoice.

Collect Payment

Choose this option to collect a payment from a Customer. If a payment method is on file, either a credit card or ACH, Admins can post payments for customers. Posting a payment will prompt you to add it to a specific invoice or invoice. See this article for specific instructions on how to post a Payment.

NOTE: Payments should be added to specific Invoices. Any payments not added to an Invoice will appear in the "Unapplied Payments" section of Credits.

Post Account Credit

Select this option to give a Customer a credit of some kind, such as scholarships, discounts, etc. See this support article for details on how to post a Credit.

Post Refund/Void Payment

Select this option if you need to void a payment or refund an electronic payment (ACH or Credit/Debit Card payment).

  • Void Button

    This button (see below) will only show if the payment was applied THAT DAY. Click this button to void the payment. Find out more here.

  • Refund Button

    This button (see below) will show after the DAY AFTER the transaction has occurred. Click this button to refund the payment. Find out more here.


  • You can issue full and partial refunds of credit card transactions posted AFTER the same day. (For same-day payments, you will need to void the payment.

  • If your merchant account provider is EnrollsyPay, you CAN issue partial electronic check (ACH) refunds. (If your merchant account provider is CARD CONNECT, you can ONLY issue FULL REFUNDS of ACH payments).

  • If you need to refund CASH or PAPER CHECK payments, see this article for instructions.

Bulk Transactions

Under each function of "Post Transactions" is an option to post those transactions in bulk, meaning you can create an Invoice or post a Credit to more than one Account at a time.

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