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  1. Can I transfer my number to your service?

    >> Yes, number porting is an option. For more details, please refer to this porting article. The process typically takes 3-6 weeks, starting from the day you submit the required documents stated in the porting article.

  2. When porting, can I continue using my number during the transfer process?

    >> Yes, there is no downtime. You can still use your number with your current provider while the port transfer is in progress.

  3. When porting, should I disconnect my old provider during the number port transfer?

    >> NO, it's important to maintain an active status with your current provider for the number to be ported over to us. You can only cancel your old provider when the port is completed.

  4. Is it possible to purchase a Toll-Free number?

    >> We currently do not offer 1-800 numbers, but we do have 1-855 numbers available. Other toll free numbers availability will be checked upon request.

  5. If I transfer my mobile number, can I keep using 5G?

    >> Transferring your mobile number to our service will not support mobile data or 5G. VoIP functionality will be limited to calls and texts only.

  6. Can I port over a Google Voice number.
    ​>> Yes. For more details, please refer to porting article.

  7. Can I use my VoIP number as my SMS number

    >> Yes. You can have your VoIP number be your main SMS number.

    >> Please note that we will not add your ported number as your primary SMS right away, we need to make sure that the SMS registration of the ported number is 100% compliant before it can be used for mass communication, this includes 10DCL registration and Toll Free number verification (for toll free numbers). We will take care of it on our end, this is just to notify you why there is a delay in making ported numbers as main SMS. You can still use the ported number to send and receive text for peer to peer texting.

  8. Can I use my VoIP number to send and receive text, even if I have a different number for my main SMS number

    >> Yes, all VoIP numbers are SMS supported, as long as you have the SMS add on enabled.
    >> You can have a different SMS number and VoIP number and both can still send and receive text. The only difference is that the main SMS number is used for all automated messages.

  9. Do I need to submit a Port Out request?
    >> ​For landlines, submit the port in request to your new carrier, submit the number as local number. Submitting a port out request to us is not required. If you are having trouble porting out your number, please contact support. If you need a pin, please contact support.

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