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What Is MemberVault?
What Features Does MemberVault Offer?
What Features Does MemberVault Offer?
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MemberVault is an incredibly flexible, intuitive content platform where you can host all of your offers (paid and free), as well as, host communities and a blog. Many of our account owners find themselves sending everyone to their MV so much that they make it their website as well.

With MemberVault, you are able to dial in control of exactly what emails are sent and when, thru your email tool, when people sign up for your offers, complete a product, etc. Thanks to the flexibility of MemberVault, you can create all kinds of paid and free offers - from membership, courses, 1:1 portals, group programs, pre-sold offers, waitlists and more to free offers, like summits, challenges, PDF downloads, and bundles.

And with our gamification features, like confetti bursts, bonus modules and the ability to unlock additional products based on actions taken, you can increase engagement, completion rates and repeat purchases because people love the experience of going thru your content!

All of our paid plans include all features, shown below.

All MemberVault accounts have access to the following features:

If you are looking for specific functionality, clarity on any of the above, or how MV would work for your needs/vision, please reach out to us via chat inside your MemberVault account, or email us at so we can provide you with even further insight.

โ€‹Questions? Reach out to us at, within our Facebook group, The MV Collaborative, or via chat support within your admin account (not sure how to log in? look up your account here).

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