jmc's six stages of the master schedule building process break down an otherwise overwhelming job into six easy to master stages so you can better organize your teachers, courses and students for day one! Complete each of the following stages in order to build your master schedule according to your teacher availability and schedule students into the courses they need to complete for graduation.

In jmc Office, head to the Schedules module to complete these stages to successfully build your master schedule!

Stage one of the master schedule building process consists of adding new courses to your jmc database and updating existing courses with new teacher availability and constraints.

After courses are added to your jmc building, it's time to register those kiddos! Add groups of students into required courses with the bulk load feature, give them the freedom to choose their own electives and hand schedule students for those unique situations to complete the registration process.

Once students are registered, easily double check to see if they are registered for the proper course load with the Registration Check and Course Tally reports in jmc Office. The Registration Check report helps ensure all students are registered for required credits and the Course Tally report makes certain you haven't overloaded a teacher or a period.

After reviewing your courses, registering students, and setting constraints, you are ready to place students into sections using jmc's Scheduling Aid. The Scheduling Aid is a powerful tool that automatically places students into sections by referencing student requests, teacher availability, room availability, term and period constraints. If you are having trouble identifying the optimal schedule for your school, check out this awesome resource to learn how to let jmc do all of the the heavy lifting.

After you have run the Scheduling Aid to determine the optimal schedule, use the Conflict Analysis tool to identify potential conflicts that might impact student or course availability. Then make minor adjustments to courses to maximize the number of student's scheduled. Feel free to re-run the Scheduling Aid as often as needed to build the ideal master schedule.

When you have settled on a master schedule that suits your needs and works for a majority of the students in your school, it's time to schedule your students into course sections and study halls. jmc offers a variety of solutions for scheduling students to accurately move students into the course sections they belong.

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