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Metrics, Analysis & Graphs
Metrics, Analysis & Graphs

Discover this curated collection of articles designed to help you with better understanding the metrics, analysis and graphs that you will see within TRAC.


Focused collection on different the analysis that is applied to your TRAC datasets.

TRAC: SentimentFor more information on everything sentiment-related, read here!
TRAC: Emotions AnalysisFor more information on everything emotion-related, read here!
TRAC: Topics AnalysisDiscover how to use Topic Analysis on TRAC to find themes within posts and articles, thus gaining deeper insights into your data.
TRAC: Entities AnalysisAfter reading, you will have an understanding of entities and be able to use TRAC's entity analysis feature to extract valuable insights.
TRAC: CredibilityLearn more about NewsGuard in TRAC!
TRAC: Image AnalysisLearn more about you can extract insights from visual content within Pulsar.
TRAC: Segments AnalysisLearn more about segments analysis in TRAC.
TRAC: Influencer Network AnalysisDiscover how to use Pulsar's Influencer Network Graph to identify highly-connected individuals and understand their influence.
TRAC: Language AnalysisDiscover the full range of language analysis capabilities on Pulsar TRAC and how they can be beneficial to your social listening efforts.
TRAC: Keywords AnalysisLearn how to surface and analyse the important keywords within your dataset using TRAC's keyword analysis.
TRAC: Location AnalysisDiscover how to utilise location analysis in TRAC to gain valuable insights into your audience's geographical patterns.
TRAC: Demographics AnalysisDelve into demographic analysis on TRAC and discover how it can improve your content and audience strategy.
TRAC: Hashtags AnalysisDiscover how to use Hashtags Analysis on TRAC discern patterns and easily find posts with specific themes or content.