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How do I create a new transaction?
How do I create a new transaction?

Create new transaction, new sign request

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Follow the tour or read this article to create your first transaction:

How do you send a sign request?

First log on our portal, trouble logging in?

Click here for more information.

Then, navigate to the menu Transactions, see image below:

The screen where you can create a new sign request opens.

The three brief steps for sending a transaction:

  1. Under 'Add signers' enter the e-mail address of the person who needs to sign;

  2. Add files to be signed under "Add Documents";

  3. At the bottom of the page choose Send:

If you see the message "Your document is being offered for signing" at the top, the sign request has been successfully created.

Detailed steps for the new transaction page:

The structure of the new transaction page consists of four parts;

1. Add signers;

2. Add documents;

3. Message;

4. Options.

The four components are explained in more detail below;

1. Add signers

Enter the e-mail address of the signer in the field under Add signers. If desired, select additional verification for each signer.

Do you want to add one or more signers? Choose Add Signer, see image below:

Once you have added a signer, a new line appears automatically. Enter the e-mail address and optional an additional verification for the new signer.

If needed, you can add an authentication and multiple verifications per signer:

When you choose a verification, you can fill in extra information:

Do you want the signer to enter only a name and not make a scribble ? Then uncheck the option Require Scribble.

On the right-hand side of the line, you'll see a number of fields, which are explained below:

You can set the language of the sign request using the language selection. Read more about the language settings here.

With the blue button you can set extra options per signer. More information can be found here.

Do you want to delete a signer line? Then select the red cross on the right of the line:

2. Add documents

In the center of the page you can add up to 6 files to the transaction. You can upload the documents by clicking on the cross or by dragging the files to the box below the text Add documents:

Please note that we only accept PDF files, read more about the PDF document requirements in this article.

After uploading a PDF, the Show Document option appears, allowing you to see the document and can determine the location of the signature via drag-and-drop. It is also possible to predefine the location of the signature via Signertags.

Do you want to upload another file? Then choose the plus in the new box that appears or drag the PDF there. See the image above.

The option Fillable is only necessary when you have a fillable document.

The maximum size per file is 25MB, more information about our API limits can be found here.

3. Message

When you send the transaction as Sign by invitation, you can include the subject of the signing request. If you do not fill in the subject the default subject will be provided.

Next, you can set a personalized message:

This message is sent in the e-mail with the sign request. If you leave the field empty, the message is copied from the default settings. Is the message field also empty in the settings? Then our standard text will be used.

You can also show the name of each signer in the salutation of the message.

This support article explains how.

4. Options

At the bottom right of the new transaction page you'll find the options related to the new transaction you're about to send. These options are taken from the default settings:

Seal off means that there is no additional digital seal / hallmark on the top left of the signed document. You can read more about seals here.

Send request in order means that when there are several signers, the signing invitation is first sent to the first / top signer. Only after the first signer has signed will the invitation be sent to the second signer. Would you like to send the invitation to all signers at the same time? Select Send request simultaneously here.

30 is the transaction validity period in days. The counter starts running as soon as you create the transaction. The validity period can be extended to a maximum of 90 days and must be at least 1 day. Do you want to change the default validity period? This is possible via the standard settings.

Reference can be used to enter a piece of text or a number. For example, an employer's number for an employment contract or an address for a deed of sale. The reference is only visible to you as the sender and not to the signatorie(s).

Check Use scribble as paraph if you want to show an initial at the bottom right corner of each page. Please note! Showing the initials is not legally required and purely a cosmetic addition to the document. More information on the legal validity of the initials can be found in this article.

Our support team is happy to assist you via chat or via

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