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Taxbotic Testing Checklist - Accountant
Taxbotic Testing Checklist - Accountant

Complete this checklist to test the Taxbotic platform before sending out actual client invitations.

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We understand that you cannot start using a platform that interacts with clients before using it yourself. So, follow the checklist below to test Taxbotic.

Step 1 - Sign up as an Accountant: Sign up for the trial and enter your firm information. Make sure you upload your firm logo.

Step 2 - Add Team: Add team members by clicking on the Team tab at the top of your dashboard. This feature is not available in the trial.

Step 3 - Register as Team Member: Sign up as a team member. If you don't want to add another staff, you can skip this step. This feature is not available in the trial.

Step 4 - Add Client: Add a dummy client from the client's tab. You will need a name and an email address to do this.

Step 5 - Invite Client: Once added, send an email invitation to the client by clicking on the invite button.

Make sure you log out of your accountant account before registering for a client account.

Step 6 - Register as Client: From the client email, sign-up to Taxbotic as a client. You will need the code received in the email to sign up.

Step 7 - Fill in Personal Information: Complete the personal information questionnaire.

Step 8 - Discovery: Select what you did during the tax year from the discovery section.

Step 9 - Tax Questionnaire: Fill out the tax questionnaire.

Stepp 10 - Upload Documents: Upload the tax documents noted by Taxbotic based on your responses to the tax questionnaire.

Step 11 - Review Questions: Review the questions and documents requested.

Step 12 - Submit: Submit the tax information to the accountant.

Step 13 - Open Client window: In the accountant account, select the client from the client's window and click open.

Step 14 - Review Personal Information: Review the personal information from the profile tab.

Step 15 - Review Tax Information: Review the tax questionnaire and the documents uploaded. In an actual situation, use this information to put tax information into your tax software.

Step 16 - Message: Use the message tab to request further information.

Step 17 - Documents for signing: Use the engagement info tab to send documents for signing to the client. You need a DocuSign account for this. This is an optional feature and it is not available in the trial period.

Step 18 - Finalize: Finalize and send the client tax return via finalize tab.

Step 19 - Review tax return documents: Open the client account and review the finalized information sent to the client from the accountant's side.

Step 20 - Review policies and FAQs: Review the Taxbotic policies and FAQ section to learn more about Taxbotic.

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