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Schools: Getting started on ClassCover
​Customising ClassCover for your school
​Customising ClassCover for your school

Editing start, end and break times and half day time definitions plus more

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Not every school has the same start, end and break times as well as time definitions around half day and full day bookings. Your school may even have different reasons for absence categories unique to your school and you want to make sure these are logged for reporting purposes. This is why we have made your ClassCover school settings completely customisable to suit you. 

To make changes to your schools settings, you need to have an admin login. On ClassCover several users can have an admin login. 

Let's get started.

Log into the desktop version of ClassCover and navigate to the name of your school up the top in the menu bar. In the drop down click on 'Admin settings'. Here you can see all the options available to you such as 

  • The time you want your daily booking summary to arrive in your inbox day.

  • The reasons for staff absence

  • Default school times – which relate directly to your half day bookings  when choosing this option via booking request and pre-confirmed bookings

  • Break times

  • And whether or not you want to make some information on the booking request form mandatory for other users in your school – like teacher and class covered.

Top tip: This is worth considering as teachers have provided feedback that they are less likely to accept a booking if there's no details on the class they are expected to teach for the day.

Once you have updated your settings, click save and the changes will be reflected for all ClassCover users in your school.

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