Spotlight on Native American Heritage

Nov 2021

In this collection you’ll find assignments that help students research Native American inventions, write poetry inspired by Joy Harjo (U.S. poet laureate and Muscogee Nation member), compose arguments about the importance of honoring Indigenous names for landmarks, and learn about historical figures like Sacajawea, Sitting Bull, Maria Tallchief, Crazy Horse, and more.

Check out the assignments for your grade level:

Back to School with Writable!

Aug 2021

Writable is excited to share the many things we’ve been working on to make 2021-2022 the best school year yet!

  1. Find assignments on the new Explore page:

    • Choose from 1,000 prompts and assignments in a more visually appealing and intuitive way.

    • Check out New & Featured content categories for some of our most popular assignments.

  2. Connect Reading + Writing with multiple features that help teachers assign and assess:

  3. Assign Short Response Questions & Quick Feedback:

  4. Guide and support students earlier in the writing process with AI Insights:

  5. Support Social Emotional Learning with new prompts:

    • Get to know your students with new prompts based on the CASEL framework.

    • Focus on narrative writing in SEL theme areas such as Self-Awareness, Responsible Decision-Making, and Relationship Skills.

    • Click to view the Elementary, Middle, and High School assignments.

  6. See Student Performance and Recommended Assignments:

    • Include multiple graded assignments over a period of time to see student performance data and recommended steps and assignments for additional practice with the Student Proficiency & Recommendation Report.

    • View students in performance groups and export skill and standard scores by group.

    • Find and assign targeted assignments to differentiated groups.

    • Next up! Soon teachers will be able to look back at student performance from the previous year to understand their writing strengths and needs.

  7. Integrate easier with Canvas Enhancements [Requires admin set up]:

  8. Check out some Additional Features: Based on customer input, we fine-tuned many parts of our grading, scaffolding, and AI features.

    • Allow more grading control over multi-section assignments. When working with multi-section assignments (for example, those that have a Planner tab and a Draft tab), take control over how much each tab/section contributes to the overall grade. Sections can count for a large percentage of the grade – or even 0% –if they will be truly formative. Scores will sync to the LMS when all non-zero sections are graded.

    • RevisionAid improvements for Short Response writing. Working closely with our AI partner, we have improved the accuracy of RevisionAid feedback for Short Response writing.

  9. For HMH Customers: Review Ed and Writable Changes

Support students with more Differentiated Assignments

Apr 2021

Check out our new High School skill activities, providing three levels of guidance to support students. Using graphic organizers, sentence starters, and additional text accommodations, you can assist all learners as they build proficiency in analysis and writing skills, enabling them to move to greater levels of independence.

Grammar, spelling, and syntax support with GrammarAid

Mar 2021

Writable's newest tool, GrammarAid, provides students with on-demand grammar, spelling, and syntax suggestions. When using GrammarAid, students can access tutorial videos and explanations to better understand concepts as they write. Teachers will also see GrammarAid scores and gain more insight into their students' writing progress.

Engage students with video-based writing prompts

Feb 2021
Our newest collection of video-based assignments are quick, accessible, and highly engaging for elementary students. Each assignment features a YouTube video about the life of a historical figure and prompts students to write a short biography summarizing their background and impact. Click here to read more.

Create, customize, and manage your rubrics with 'My Rubrics'

Jan 2021

The new 'My Rubrics' tab allows teachers and administrators to create and save rubrics. Administrators can share rubrics for improved assessment and feedback across their schools and districts.

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