Get AI Prompt Suggestions, powered by OpenAI, makers of ChatGPT

January 2023

AI Prompt Suggestions allows teachers to input a few keywords or phrases, and return high 5 quick write, or assignment writing prompts for their chosen topic. AI Prompt Suggestions uses ChatGPT for results, and can even provide writing prompts for specific texts. For more information, click here.

New Grading Review Interface for Teachers and Students

January 2023

Assignment settings now allow you to choose between showing stars or score values for extended response rubric proficiency levels. Your chosen review interface will show during peer and self review, and while grading. Showing score values for rubric proficiencies allows greater transparency into how scores are calculated. For more information, click here.

Check out the new and improved Assignment Dashboard

Aug 2022

Writable's Assignment Dashboard has a new look! Teachers can quickly monitor student and class progress, view grading insights, and engage students with in-the-moment messaging.

  • New Analysis and Feedback report views show how your students are performing on the assignment, giving you the chance to offer targeted feedback and support.

  • The Guide/Grade tab allows you to grade more efficiently with question-by-question views. You can also provide in-the-moment feedback by sending individual and group messages based on their needs using Writable's Instant Conference.

Guide Student Writing with New Writable Journeys

July 2022

Writable’s new Journeys help teachers guide students in daily writing practice through skill-aligned assignments. In Writable Journeys you will have students start from the simplest quick write and work towards a cumulative writing task, seeing quick data insights along the way.

As always, Writable supports a responsive approach to writing practice. We make it easy for you to tailor your Journey with your own assignments, resources, readings, rubrics, and more.

Writable Journeys cover a wide range of writing genres and skills, including:

  • Response to Information

  • Response to Literary Texts

  • Argument

  • Informational

  • Narrative

  • And coming in Fall 2023:

    • Paragraph Proficiency

    • Science

    • Social Studies

Check out the new Writable Journeys by visiting the Explore page and using the drop-down to choose a journey.

Celebrate National Poetry Month

Apr 2022

Inspire your students to flex their creative writing with Writable's Poetry assignments. Activities include responding to famous poems and using model poems to write their own verses. Students can also add pictures and videos in their submissions to enhance their poetry. Click the links below to explore!

Prep and Schedule Assignments Ahead of Time

Mar 2022

Teachers can now schedule assignments to be published on a future date using the 'Hide Until' assignment option.

While assigning, check the 'Hide from students until...' box to select a future date for the assignment to become active. Assignments can also be pushed to the linked LMS (ex. Google Classroom, Schoology, or Canvas) at the set time.

Check Similar Papers with Originality Check

Mar 2022

From the assignment dashboard, teachers can now use the Originality Check report to see similar writing from other students in their school. Reviewing the specific submissions allows teachers to see the similarity across papers and get additional information for addressing plagiarism concerns.

Get Students Writing Daily with High 5s!

Feb 2022

Get your students thinking about and responding to what’s happening in your classroom right now with Writable’s new High 5 Assignments! This type of assignment, sometimes referred to as an Icebreaker, Do Now, Bell Ringer, Entrance or Exit Ticket, Warm Up, and more, is great for engaging students with writing for about five minutes on a daily basis.

Get inspired with 15 Everyday Ways to Use High 5 Assignments or click here to read more about creating a High 5 assignment.

We want to hear from you! Our High 5 assignments are new to Writable and we appreciate your feedback. Have you tried a High Five assignment or have a great idea on how to use them? Let us know on Twitter or share it with fellow educators in Writable’s Facebook Group!

Monitor Writable Usage and Engagement (for Administrators)

Jan 2022

Writable’s Usage Report helps administrators support their teachers in getting the most out of Writable. Administrators can see which teachers have logged in, assigned to their classes, and graded. Informational resources are linked in the report to help coach teachers with the next step in Writable.

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