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Use Book Creator with Google Classroom

Ideas for assigning projects to your students via Google Classroom

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The first thing to realise is that Book Creator books/projects cannot be opened inside Google Classroom

So, if you're assigning work to be done in Book Creator, students are going to need to navigate to Book Creator and join your library first. 

Essentially, you have two options for adding Book Creator books to Google Classroom. You can either save your book as an ePub file and upload it to Google Classroom, or you can publish the book and post the link to it.

Let's take a look at a couple of example assignments that use both methods. We also explore sharing a book to Google Classroom in our AppSmashing collection.

1. Upload the book to Google Classroom

In this assignment, the teacher has downloaded their template book and asked students to work from that. They have to first save a copy of the ePub file, then import it into Book Creator. Note, this teacher posted their library code and instructions on where to sign in in the assignment to make sure students went to the right place.

It's worth noting that just step 1 would have been enough here - the teacher didn't actually need to upload the book. If a teacher creates a template book in a library in Book Creator, every student who joins that library will be able to see the template book and make a copy of it to work on.

2. Post a link to the book

In the first example, the teacher created an assignment. In this example, the teacher has created a Material post. It wouldn't matter too much which type of assignment you created.

To do this, the teacher has created their own book (or maybe found a book in our example library) and posted the published link ( link) in Google Classroom. Students can open that link and read the book.

Options for turning work in

The options for students to turn work in are essentially the same as for the teacher creating assignments: 

  1. Download the book and upload the file back to Google Classroom.

  2. Publish the book and then post the link in Google Classroom.

  3. Do nothing - the student book will remain in the library in Book Creator and the teacher can access it from there.

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