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When you're logged into iQualify on your desktop computer and you need help, scroll to the bottom right of your screen and click on the circular icon that looks like a conversation bubble. Here you can choose to start a conversation with the iQualify Support Team, or search for articles in the iQualify Knowledgebase using the ‘Search articles’ field. These articles consist of step by step instructions to show you how to use the tools and features in iQualify.

You can also access the Knowledgebase by clicking on the ‘Help’ menu item under your avatar. This method works on both your desktop computer and mobile phone. The 'Help' menu item will take you directly to the Knowledgebase where you can search for articles. We have a collection for a range of different permissions - including account owners.

Your role
As an account owner you have the highest level of access for your organisation. This means you can update your organisational level settings, manage your users' permissions and configure how your iQualify environment is set up. There can be multiple account owners but we recommend this role is limited to a couple of people.

Big picture
Overview of account settings
Overview of how courses are run in iQualify
Overview of roles in iQualify
User management  
Class Management

To make sure everything is looking great and configured correctly take a quick look at this checklist and review the articles to find out how.

Set up your branding - your logo
Set up your branding - your login screen
Add a welcome message and T&Cs (optional)
Add support information for your learners
Review learner permission settings
Review facilitator permissions
Review your default talk channels

Want to integrate iQualify with your existing systems?  Take a look at the following articles and contact support@iqualify.com if you need any guidance.
iQualify Developer Docs
Setting up Single Sign on (SSO)
Introduction to using our API
Overview of Integration
How to set up online payments for your courses

We hope you find these resources helpful. There are plenty more in our knowledge base.  Either browse or search to find what you need.  

Got an idea for an article?  If you're currently with iQualify get in touch using our in-app chat or contact your account owner. If you're not with iQualify but would like to be 'get in touch'.

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