Everything from A-Z about jmc's Family app is all right here! From how-tos to a snazzy announcement for your families to a checklist of all those to-dos, we've got you covered.

A handy checklist for all of those Family app office pro to-dos

  1. Checklist for setting up jmc Office to work with the jmc Family app

How-to articles to get the Office team up and running

  1. Configuring the family app settings in jmc Office

  2. Adding events to the Family app using the Event Scheduler

  3. Enabling iCal calendar integration in jmc Office

  4. Importing rSchoolToday events

Now that you’ve finished customizing jmc Office to support the Family app, it is time to tell everyone you know about it with a few handy email templates.

  1. Introduce the jmc Family app to your families and staff

Teachers keep families in the loop regarding classroom news, events, and happenings.

  1. Adding classroom news for the Family app

Let’s introduce families to this latest innovation that will give them a 360º view of their student's academic and extracurricular world!

  1. Get real-time student information on the go with the jmc Family app

Walking families through the app is a breeze with this handy product tour!

  1. Families take a tour of the jmc Family app

How-to articles for families highlighting the many things they can do all in the palm of their hand

  1. Logging in to the jmc Family app is a snap!

  2. Downloading and Installing the Family app

  3. Navigating the Family app dashboard

  4. Tracking assignments in Academics

  5. Checking your kiddo’s GPA and Progress Reports on the fly

  6. Reading up to the minute classroom news

  7. All about the teachers assigned to your kiddo

  8. Managing your kiddo’s activities

  9. Stay in the know about your kiddo’s attendance

  10. Reporting an absence is a breeze

  11. Finding your way in the Hamburger Menu

  12. Making a deposit into a student or family lunch account

  13. Customizing your settings

Eliminate calls to the Office using this troubleshooting guide!

  1. Troubleshooting Guide for family

And of course, the Family app presentation is available by viewing it on our youtube page!

Helpful Tip: To access the jmc Family app, your school or district must use the jmc student information system (SIS) and subscribe to the jmc Family portal.

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