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Getting Started:
Get Ready to Launch ReturnLogic
Get Ready to Launch ReturnLogic

Set up your ReturnLogic settings and learn more about how ReturnLogic works

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Get Ready to Launch ReturnLogic!

Welcome to ReturnLogic -

We are excited to partner with your team!

Based on feedback from ReturnLogic Users and our Customer Success Teams we've come up with an onboarding checklist of ReturnLogic settings we recommend you to have the most success while using ReturnLogic. As always, we're here to help! Use the live chat inside the platform if you have any questions.

Thank you for choosing ReturnLogic. We’re here to help you navigate the challenges that returns can give you as you grow.

- The ReturnLogic Team

Your ReturnLogic Settings

  • Returns – Originate Settings

    • Choose your Return Types

      • Here you can adjust your Return Types allowed (Refunds, Exchanges, Store Credit, and Warranty) and set a Return Window for each type.

    • Set up your General Policies

      • Here you can customize your policy to match your specific Return Policy. Here are a few key ones to review in case you would like to make changes.

        • Return Window Start Date

        • Tax Settings (VAT)

        • Exchange and Warranty Product Exclusions

    • Set up your Return Policies

      • Add in your return shipping address – this will be the address on your return labels; required to save and publish all other settings

      • Here you can view the ReturnLogic Shipping types and edit descriptions. Also, if you would like to add a flat rate shipping fee you can set that amount.

      • If you would like to further adjust your shipping settings this help article shares how you can configure them

      • Fill in all the information; this is required to be able to save and publish all other settings

      • If your shopper encounters an error while on your Return Center they will be shown this information

    • Exchange, Warranty, and/or 3rd Party Warranty

      • If you offer all or some of these return types be sure to customize their settings.

  • Collector Settings - Optional if you are using Collector*

    *Collector is ReturnLogic's Warehouse tool. Learn more about Collector here.

      • Choose whether or not you'd like the option to restock to Shopify.

      • Set your restock location - these are pulled from Shopify, so if the location you require is not showing up in ReturnLogic, add it in Shopify first.

      • Here you can add dispositions for your team to select from when they acquire a product in collector.

Prefer a guided tour? πŸš€

If you'd prefer a guided walk-though on how to set up your ReturnLogic account check out our product tours! Each tour will guide you through setting up your ReturnLogic account. You can choose to take one or take them all!

Go Live

Before you Go Live in ReturnLogic you're in Test Mode. Test Mode prevents your Return Center from being accessed unless you are logged into a ReturnLogic account, this is so shoppers cannot access your Return Center before you are ready.

You can launch ReturnLogic by going to Settings > Returns Originate > Configure and then clicking the green Go Live button. You'll also need to publish your returns center URL on your website so your customers can access it!

Here are some commonly asked questions about Test Mode and Go Live:

  • Will I be billed for the returns I create in Test Mode?

    • No, returns created in Test Mode with ReturnLogic allows you to create test returns before being billed for any RMAs. You'll be able to delete these test returns before going live.

  • Can I change my Return Center URL after I Go Live?

    • To update your Return Center URL after you've gone live you'll need to reach out to customer support through the chat or by emailing If you'd like to update your Return Center URL we recommend updating before you Go Live, you can update your URL here.

  • Once I Go Live can I re-enter Test Mode?

    • No, one you Go Live you cannot re-enter Test Mode.

Go Further with your Account

    • Choose between Classic and Modern Mode for your Return Center theme.

      • Not sure which one to choose? If you aren't planning on adding any additional customization through code we recommend Modern Mode.

    • You can choose to further customize your Return Center through the Customize Settings. You can also launch using the preset ReturnLogic Return Center customizations.

    • If you would like to customize further you can do so with CSS, JSON, HTML, and the fillable text fields.

    • Here is more information on how to use CSS to brand your Return Center.

    • You also have access to our API to unlock more possibilities

Get Comfortable with our Return Workflow in ReturnLogic

Lastly, here is our entire help center database that is broken down by category.

We're here to help! Email us at or use the live chat inside the platform with any questions or feedback.

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