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Connecting your car
Connecting your car

All information in order to successfully connect your vehicle

28 articles
What is the EEVEE Android Automotive OS app?Discover nearby public charging points and relevant charging insights directly from your car.
Which cars are currently supported?Find out if your car is already compatible to EEVEE
Where can I find my VIN?Tips on where to locate your vehicle identification number
What is the difference between Volvo and Volvo (Sensus)?
What is CarConnect?Discover all about the Vehicle Data Hub that powers EEVEE
What happens when a car is disconnected?Avoid incorrect insights or reimbursements caused by missing data
How do I disconnect my car?Stop the data synchronisation with EEVEE
My car is charging but I do not see this in the appDiscover why this can be normal and when the charging session will be shown in EEVEE
Why is my car not supported?Understand how we work and where your help comes in!
How can I report an incorrect charging session?